ControlTalk NOW — Smart Buildings VideoCast for Week Ending July 24, 2016

ControlTalk NOW — Smart Buildings VideoCast for week ending July 24, 2016 begins with Wired Magazine’s Cade Metz and his coming trends interview — citing Block Chain as the next single most disruptive technology. ControlTalk NOW’s special guest is Building’s Therese Sullivan, followed by coverage of Tridium Niagara Migration Path Webinar dates and information; Vykon’s latest software builds; DOE’s Future of Air Conditioning Report; Spotlight on Siemens’ Dave Rodela; ACI’s Sensor Webinar; Cylance’s uses Artificial Intelligence to keep ahead of hackers; and ProLon’s easy VAV/VVT zoning solution.

CadeCade Metz – Wired Magazine – Silicon Valley 2016 Trends for Smart Buildings and Homes. Cade Netz, the key note speaker at the 2016 RealComm/ Icon conference talks about the technology trends he is seeing in Silicon Valley and how these trends will effect the landscape of technology used in Smart Buildings. Cade Metz is a WIRED senior staff writer covering Google, Facebook, artificial intelligence, bitcoin, data centers, computer chips, programming languages, and other ways the world is changing.

Therese.001ControlTalk NOW special guest is Building Context’s Therese Sullivan, Principal,, who gives us that unique Silicon Valley insight as she reviews 2016 Realcomm|IBcon, Social Media and Tweets with Meat, Block Chain’s potential impact on the HVAC and BAS industries, and more. Therese Sullivan is a writer/technologist and marketing professional providing news and analysis for commercial building system integrators, facilities managers and real estate professionals about innovations in building automation with emphasis on data analytics, mobile apps, cloud services and wireless networking.

Change aheadWhat is a Block Chain and What You need to Know About it. We heard the term “block chain” for the first time at the 2016 RealComm/ IBcon show. Many believe the block chains could be the most disruptive technologies yet, some compare it’s impact to the fall of the Berlin Wall. As systems integrators and smart buildings professionals we need to be aware of it’s existence and how it will effect our industry.

Screen Shot 2015-07-15 at 10.14.31 AMNext TridiumTalk: How your Niagara Migration Path Just got More Straightforward. Join us as we overview recent product releases and various migration path scenarios. With the introduction of Niagara AX version 3.8u1 featuring JACE® 8000 support, our next-generation hardware platform that’s optimized for Niagara 4 now optimizes the features of Niagara AX.

ACI_WEB2ACI Temperature Sensor Training LIVE Tomorrow! TEMPERATURE WEBINAR, LIVE JULY 20TH You will hear from ACI’s Temperature Sensor Specialist, Brant Kasbohm, and our Sales Engineering Manager, Rob Kapinos. ACIs temperature sensors, housing types, and production types will be taught by our presenter. The presentation as a whole will last 30 minutes and the session is being recorded if you aren’t able to attend. A Live “Question and Answer” session with the presenter and tech support will take place at the end. Just click on this link tomorrow to watch the live event. ACI stands by its motto, “Engineering a Better Sensor Solution.”

EventControlTrends Keeps an Eye on 2016 Events with Ken’s (Updated 7/20/2016) Calendar. While it has been an amazingly busy and productive year so far, many more events are on the horizon. ControlTrends will continue to post the event information as we receive notice or become aware of the event. Please note that the information is gathered from various sources, and the times, dates, and locations may have changed.

DR2Siemens’ Dave Rodela, Talon Trainer Extraordinaire. While Dave Rodela’s official position is listed as Operations Manager at Siemens Building Technologies, working out of the Charleston, South Carolina area, the majority of us in the building automation business know Dave as another mild-mannered hero — for the outstanding training services and support he provides to the Siemens TALON Value Added Partner (VAP) channel.

ENERGY.GOV12_DOE’s Building Technologies Office — The Future of Air Conditioning for Buildings. Another great publication from the Office of Energy Efficiency & Renewable Energy and Building Technology Office. The Building Technologies Digest provides a weekly roundup of the latest news, funding opportunities, reports, events, and webinars from DOE’s Building Technologies Office. The Future of Air Conditioning for Buildings Report provides invaluable insight into the next generation of Air Conditioning and Air Conditioning Equipment, a $100 billion industry that consumes over 4% of the world’s building site-energy.

vykon_announcementVYKON Announcement: Previously Announced Software Builds Now Available. The previously announced VYKON AX Supervisor and VYKON Enterprise Security software builds are now available for download. Learn more by downloading the VYKON Enterprise Security FAQs. Sign into the Niagara Community website for access to release notes and test summary documentation. VYKON AX Supervisor update includes: JACE® 8000 support, Java Web StarT, Windows 10 support, Auto-download of Java security policy files. VYKON Enterprise Security update includes: Support and advantages of latest VYKON AX release, Niagara AX version 3.8u1, Enhanced database encryption, and Advanced threat level management.

ACI1Replay of ACI’s Live Temperature Training Event. If you missed the amazing Live training event from ACI on temperature sensing and sensors, no worries, we have a replay for you right here. You will hear from ACI’s Temperature Sensor Specialist, Brant Kasbohm, and our Sales Engineering Manager, Rob Kapinos. ACIs temperature sensors, housing types, and production types will be taught by our presenter. The presentation as a whole will last 30 minutes and the session is being recorded if you aren’t able to attend.

ToddCylance Offers Advanced Threat Prevention Built on Artificial Intelligence at 2016 Realcomm|IBcon. ControlTrends met up with Todd Radermacher, Regional Sales Director at Cylance, out of the San Francisco Bay Area, who specializes in Information Technology and Services. Todd tells us, “Trying to keep ahead of the bad guys is the business we’re in.” Cylance now offers the next generation antivirus protection — armed with artificial intelligence and mathematics (algorithms) to scientifically predict foul play — and prevent the loss of intellectual property or paying the ransom to get your seized database back.

ProlonnProLon: The Easy Way to Install a Zoning System. Stromquist & Company’s Dozier Mills breakdowns the products from ProLon and shows you how to install the Prolon solution for either VAV or VVT applications. As you can see this is a very powerful and easy to install solution. ProLon is a commercial/high-end residential HVAC zoning system designed specifically for retrofit and modern day rooftops and other air handling units along with their VAV zones. ProLon’s controllers are perfect for light to mid-sized commercial buildings, allowing you to group and prioritize zones to achieve the optimal performances and comfort from your equipment.

PowrwallWhat is TESLA’s Power Wall and How Will it Affect the Smart Home?Forget about the gloom and doom we hear every day, check out one of the coolest new technologies to hit the street. Elon Musk unveils the Tesla Power Wall. Needless to say this will effect the way we look at Smart Homes. The Powerwall was unveiled on April 30, 2015, with a 7 kWh Powerwall model that would retail for US$3,000 and a 10 kWh model at US$3,500. The Power wall sold out in less than a week. Musk predicted the low price would cause other storage producers to follow and there are rumblings about a version 2.

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  2. Has there been a presentation to compare products such as Siemens vs Alerton Tridium? If so, I would like to have the link to listen

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