Episode 232: ControlTalk NOW — Smart Buildings VideoCast|PodCast for Week Ending July 16, 2017

Episode 232: ControlTalk NOW — Smart Buildings VideoCast|PodCast for week ending July 16, 2017, features our interview Smart Building Industry expert Matthew Schwartz, P.E., CEM, CBCP, Senior Associate, with Altura Associates. Make sure to take advantage of the ControlTrends Community’s special offer for Mark Jewell’s on-line Four-Day Energy-focused Boot Camp. Register for Greenbuild ABX 2017 and Belimo’s Fire & Smoke,Codes and Standards Webinar; Bueno Systems and Rycom live from RealComm|IBcon 2017; DOE releases Building America update; Meet Mexico City’s leading MSI, MRSolutiones; and ProLon’s new Flex Controllers.

GREENBUILD ABX 2017: EVERYONE, EVERY PROJECT, EVERYWHERE, WE ARE ALL IN. Boston Nov 8th-10th Register Now! Greenbuild is the world’s largest conference and expo dedicated to green building. The ideals and passion of the green building community come alive at Greenbuild. The buzz is contagious. Greenbuild brings together industry leaders, experts and frontline professionals dedicated to sustainable building in their everyday work, and a unique energy is sparked. Participants are invigorated. Inspired. They find themselves equipped to return to their jobs with a renewed passion and purpose. Register here!

Mark Jewell update! Don’t miss Mark’s Four-day Energy-focused Sales Boot Camp — Available ONLINE — Discount Code Available to ControlTrends Community. Special offer from Wall Street Journal best-selling author and award-winning sales trainer, Mark Jewell. More than a thousand professionals have taken Mark’s four-day energy-focused Sales Boot Camp over the last five years. More than 10,000 people have taken one- or two-day versions of this training. This month, for the first time time in five years, Mark is making his award-winning four-day sales training available ONLINE, both a virtual remote version of the actual 7/24-7/27/17 San Diego event, and afterwards online/on-demand for anyone who can’t make those four days in July. As a special accommodation for us, he’s making this training available to the ControlTrends Community for a reduced rate of $920.00. Sign up here and enter the discount code ControlTrends when registering to receive this special rate.

2017 RealComm/IBcon Highlight: Using data analytics to monitor elevators? And bringing the data through your single pane of glass frontend? Why not? In this RealComm|IBcon interview, hear how Leon Wurfel from Bueno Systems & Casey Witkowicz from Rycom are using analytics to transform smart building operations. BUENO is the Australian leader in data and information driven operational property services, offering a new approach to operations, maintenance and sustainability. Rycom Corporation is more than just a technology company. Rycom could be your biggest competitive advantage.

ControlTalk NOW’s featured guest is Matthew Schwartz, P.E., CEM, CBCP, Altura Associates, a mechanical engineer with diverse energy management experience encompassing new construction commissioning, building automation and controls, energy modeling, retro-commissioning, and energy auditing. Leveraging a background as a design-build contractor, Mike is skilled at achieving energy conservation using innovative technologies in the built environment in ways that recognize the importance of human capital.

Ken’s Calendar Free Webinar: Fire & Smoke, Codes and Standards. This webinar will cover the codes and standards governing maintenance and replacement of actuators on Fire & Smoke Dampers. Review of the NFPA 80 & NFPA 105 requirements on how to properly repair dampers and replace non-operable actuators in order to ensure the safety of the building and its occupants. Discussion to include International Fire Code testing requirements and UL 555 (Fire) and UL 555s (Smoke) regulations on new construction. Learn potential ways to uncover defects in your Life & Safety systems while verifying your practices are up to code. Click here to register for the webinar on Wednesday, July 26 at 1:00 PM EDT

DOE’s Building America: Bringing Building Innovations to Market. The U.S. Department of Energy (DOE) Building America Program has been a source of innovations in residential building energy performance, durability, quality, affordability, and comfort for 20 years. This world-class research program partners with industry (including many of the top U.S. home builders) to bring cutting-edge innovations and resources to market.

Mexico City’s Premier Master Systems Integrator at 2017 IBcon. We had a chance to catch up with Mexico’s premier smart buildings controls system integrators, MRSoluciones out of Mexico City, our amigos Alfredo Melnik and Carlos Roman, at the 2017 IBcon product showcase. Alfredo and Carlos give us the 411 on what customers are looking for in the Smart Buildings and Building Automation Controls Market in Mexico and their thoughts on the 2017 Realcomm/IBcon show. MRSoluciones was a finalist for the 2016 ControlTrends Master Systems Integrator of the Year Award, and Alfredo and Carlos have been contributors on ControlTalk Now and are valued members of the global ControlTrends Community.

CGNA Web Institute Training Webinar Introduces ProLon’s New FlexIO Controllers. CGNA Web Institute Training Webinar Introduces ProLon’s New FlexIO Controllers, presented by ProLon’s Daniel Kerwin, Business Development Manager. The new FlexIO controllers are available from your nearby CGNA Distributor and will enable ProLon contractors to integrate new many new options/sequences (i.e., Chiller Start/Stop; control multiple exhaust fans; enable lighting based on system occupancy; monitor humidity levels; etc) to our existing products and really expand the capabilities of ProLon.

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