ControlTalk Now For The Week Ending August 11, 2013

WEBs_AX_SecurityControlTalk NOW thanks Honeywell WEBs-AX Enterprise Security — this week’s Platinum sponsor! WEBs-AX™ Security works within the WEBs architecture or as a standalone system to provide security that’s easy to set up and manage. Best of all, everything can be controlled right from your keyboard, because WEBs-AX Security can be accessed through the Internet from anywhere in the world.

There are Still Training Spots In Atlanta and Orlando J2 Innovations Training Class: J2 Innovations FIN Builder! Call Nancy at 800.241.9471 to attend this week’s J2 class in Atlanta or next week’s class in Orlando.

Integrated Power in Veris Energy Meters: What a great idea from the folks at Veris – an energy meter with a built-in power supply and CT integrator. The E5xxxA Series combines the metering performance expected from the traditional E5x Family with the addition of a built-in integrator and power supply for the needed rope style CTs. The meters provide an integrated, easy to install, cost-effective solution for your power monitoring needs. And multiple communication protocols add more flexibility.

Mark’s Cool Tools Episode 1: The Lighted Pick Up Tool from Sensible Products: Stromquist & Company’s Mark Ramick knows the tools the HVAC professional needs to get the job done. In episode 1 of Mark’s Cool Tools, Mark shows you a great tool to use to pick up things that you dropped.

Tim’s Tech Tip: The Easy Way To Control A Cooling Tower Fan: Tim shows you how to use a Honeywell Variable Frequency Drive and a Honeywell T775 temperature controller to control a cooling tower fan.

Honeywell Joins in Lighting Control: All of the cool kids are doing it – lighting control, and now Honeywell is in the game too. Hey, it makes sense. Check out what they have to offer. The Honeywell Lighting Stryker makes it easy to add lighting control to a building energy management system. Installers can set up the system as a stand-alone lighting control network or integrate with building automation systems

nHaystack — This is Huge! Introducing the Coolest Niagara Module Yet: nHaystack: allows you to tag you data without renaming anything. Check out this new and exciting add on from J2 Innovations.

ControlTrends Hangout: Episode Three – Using Social Media in The HVAC Industry: Ken Smyers and I continued our “hangout” discussion on the importance of harnessing Social Media to grow and maintain your HVAC business. In episode three we were joined by a couple of pros, Chad Schwenn, Director of Marketing at ACI and CGNA’s Director of Marketing, Nhadira Johnson who shared their insight and experience.

Industry Giants Series: Tesla vs Edison — ABB Tells a Great Story About the War of Currents: Imagine that it’s 1887, and you’re getting ready to invest in one of two of the most exciting innovations likely to power America’s future. Thomas Edison, inventor of the light bulb and heralded father of electricity, has invited you to his mass demonstration held in West Orange, New Jersey, where he is to expose the lethal dangers of AC current. To wit, he has attached a 1,000 volt AC generator to a metal plate, upon which a dozen animals stand upon. A suspenseful moment later, the animals were publically electrocuted.

Ken’s TOP 5 Information Pivot Points of Week 32: 1. DOE Building America Update — August 9, 2013: This announcement brings you the latest information about news, activities, and publications from the U.S. Department of Energy’s (DOE) Building America program. Please forward this message to colleagues who may be interested in subscribing to future Building America Update newsletters.

Eric’ Favorite Video Of The Week: Is Money Becoming Obsolete? Ok, so this week’s video of the week is a little out there, but it was so interesting that I decided to post it anyway. Be forewarned, if you are offended by profanity, steer clear of this video! If you are like me, the movie Wall Street, the 1980′s version, is one of your favorite movies. Brian’s guest, Max Keiser, lived in that world at the same time Gordon Geko, Michael Douglas’s character, in the movie Wall Street, was saying things like “lunch is for whimps” and “money never sleeps.”

ControlTalk NOW will continue to provide a weekly episode featuring the people, products, and the News of the Week shaping our world of controls, building automation, and the HVAC industry.

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