ControlTalk NOW — Smart Buildings VideoCast|PodCast for Week Ending August 14, 2016

ControlTalk NOW — Smart Buildings VideoCast|PodCast for week ending August 14, 2016 features interviews with two well-recognized industry leaders: Scott Cochrane, president of Cochrane Supply, a multi-award-winning distributor, and Acuity Brands, Inc’s. new VP — IoT, Customer Experience, Eugene Mazo, who updates the ControlTrends community on the exciting future of DGLogik. Learn about the upcoming SmartGrid.GOV meeting in Washington, DC; Webinars by Belimo, ACI, and Lynxspring; and EasyIO’s EasyStack, a software platform that leverages tagging and data modeling.

cochrane_sup1ControlTalk NOW first interview with Scott Cochrane, president of Cochrane Supply, an multi-award-winning company and a leading source of building controls products, technology,and information. Scott summarizes the evolving role of distribution and what the future might bring. Distributors need to remember that they deliver hardware, software, and knowledge in a people-to-people business, and serve as enablers in the market. Scott suggests, perhaps we are over-serving the building markets with technology as an industry, because the solutions are determined in the conversations that identify what the problems are and expectations are and “We’re still missing the right conversations with the right people.”

smart_grid_1Please Help DOE Set Smart Grid Communications R&D Priorities August 30-31 in Washington, DC. The DOE Office of Electricity Smart Grid Communications R&D Roadmap meeting in Washington, D.C., on August 30-31, 2016, provides an opportunity for you and your organization to participate in the development of a roadmap intended to address gaps in research and development and current options that utilities have to solve their communications needs today.

BelimoWebinar on Belimo Energy Valve Data Analysis Tool, Wednesday, August 17 at 1:00 PM EDT. In this 30 minute webinar you will learn how the Energy Valve Data Analysis Tool is used in conjunction with the Belimo Energy Valve to provide analysis of stored data to deliver efficiency, and cost savings for your system. This tool can seamlessly import up to 13 months of trended data, along with performance metrics of a system—which all can be viewed graphically.

ACI_WEBINAR_2LIVE ACI Gas Sensor WEBINAR August 24th, 10:00 AM, CST, with Brant Kasbohm. GAS SENSOR WEBINAR, 8/24/16 10:00 A.M. CST. Brant Kasbohm, ACI’s Webinar Presenter will conduct a brief, educational overview of ACI’s Gas Sensors including “How To” videos and product demonstrations. A “Q & A” session will conclude Brant’s 30 minute presentation. Questions? Send Brant an email: Want more information?

easy_stack2What is EasyStack? EasyIO’s Software Platform that Leverages Tagging and Data Modeling. EasyStack is a complete BMS/EMS software platform that leverages tagging and data modeling based on the Project Haystack open source initiative. (If you’re not familiar with Haystack check it out here. The EasyStack Framework is agnostic in the sense that it incorporates built in drivers allowing for connection to BACnet, Modbus, sql, etc. You can pull in data from just about anywhere.

Change aheadChange Ahead: Forget about Wire! The Pen that Draws Electric Circuits! Another example of the new technologies and trends that will change the way we design, build and run smart buildings. I am blown away by this technology from the Japanese from Kandenko. Kandenko has grown to become one of Japan’s leading general infrastructure firms, and earned high acclaim and a solid reputation for its contributions to the creation of comfortable living environments, pleasant yet cutting-edge workplaces, and safe and functional local communities.

.Lynxspring_enews-70030 Minutes with Lynxspring Webinar Series — A Look at Variable Frequency Drives The next “30 Minutes with Lynxspring”, our monthly webinar series featuring Lynxspring subject-matter experts and special guests, continues Wednesday, August 17th at 11:00 AM CDT. August’s Webinar looks at Variable Frequency Drives. Variable Frequency Drives play a critical role in the efficiency and performance of a building. They help increase system reliability, maximize equipment lifetime value, contribute to saving energy, lower maintenance costs and add to overall smoother operations.

Breaking News Key Shows Newsflash Broadcast Online An Excited Eugene Mazo, VP — IoT, Customer Experience at Acuity Brands,Inc., Explains DGLogik’s Future. During our second ControlTalk NOW interview with Eugene Mazo, VP — IoT, Customer Experience Acuity Brands,Inc. (Formerly CEO, DG Logik), the ControlTrends Community gets a firsthand update on the major developments and the future of DGLogik and its technology. In summary, it’s a win for Acuity Brands, Inc.; a win for DGLogik: and a win for DGLogik’s OEM partners, Distributors, Resellers, and Systems Integrators — as DGLogik moves forward with a lot more scale and resources.

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