ControlTalk NOW Week Ending August 2, 2015

ControlTalk NOW for the week ending August 2, 2015 has two provocative cyber security posts from SmartCore’s cyber security evangelist and guru Fred Gordy, who shows us the ballistic cyber world with real-time Threat Maps and Shodan. Fred warns, “If you have setup a customer’s system that is directly connected to the internet, Shodan has either found it or will find it and put into its database for the world to see.” Read Ken Sinclair’s AutomatedBuildings and the August theme: Transformational Change our Mission Possible. DOE funds STEM training; Lynxspring Exchange updates; Easy IO’s Mike Marston with more Control Pub Talk; and Angie Jarvis and ProLon have a VAV Solution for you!

Norse Corp Threat MapReal-Time Threat Maps: If you haven’t seen these maps, it can be eye opening. These are real-time and/or near real-time threat maps that are readily available online. Various companies who are touting their cyber security offering like to throw these up behind them during photo ops. They are impressive, but more importantly they show us the unseen cyber world and the fact we are under attack.

shodanResultShodan – Are Your Sites Listed?If you haven’t heard what Shodan is and why do we care, I would suggest you get familiar with it. Shodan has been called the “Google” for the internet of things (IoT). Shodan is continually cataloging web facing, connected devices such as control systems, computers, CRACs, power systems, etc. Why should we care? We should care because if you have setup a customer’s system that is directly connected to the internet, Shodan has either found it or will find it and put into its database for the world to see.

Screen Shot 2015-06-28 at 8.56.47 AMLynxspring Exchange 2015 Announces Sponsors and Supporters: LEE’S SUMMIT, MO-July 29, 2015 Lynxspring, a premier developer and provider of open, IP-control solutions for building automation, energy management, cyber protection, and device-to-enterprise integration today announced the latest sponsors and supporters for The Lynxspring Exchange and Partner Conference being held October 26th-28th at the Argosy Hotel and Casino in Riverside, Missouri.

AngieProLon: The Easy Way to do Zoning. Are you looking for an easy to use and configure zoning system — that has the capabilities of a much more complex zoning system? We caught up with Angie Jarvis and the team from ProLon at the 2015 CGNA Vendor Showcase and ProLon just might have the answer! Check this video out and see just how easy it is to set up a zoning system. Reach out to your local CGNA controls distributor and try ProLon on your next zoning job.

ENERGY.GOV12_Energy Department to Fund Master’s and Doctoral Training in Power Electronics ($10 Million)! Energy Department to Fund Master’s and Doctoral Training in Power Electronics. As part of the Obama Administration’s commitment to accelerating American manufacturing and Energy Secretary Ernest Moniz’s support of STEM education (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math) to create the next generation of engineers and manufacturers.

Mad mikeHow to Make Beer with the EASY IO FG Controller. In episode 2 of Control Pub Talk with “Mad” Mike Marston, Mike shows us the EASY IO FG-32 Controller being used in several unique applications. Want to make beer? The powerful FG32 is the control solution of choice for micro brewers in the know. Could you control vending machines with the EASY IO Controller? Watch this video and find out!

Ken FeaturedAutomated Building’s August Theme: “Transformational Change our Mission Possible.” Transformational change is the process of altering the basic elements of an organization’s culture, including the norms, values, and assumptions under which the organization functions. Getting some great comments directly, off the record and in articles and comments in our August issue about the “Transformational Change” that is happening to allow the Map of the possible.

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