Episode 234: ControlTalk NOW — Smart Buildings PodCast for Week Ending August 6, 2017

Episode 234: ControlTalk NOW — Smart Buildings PodCast for week ending August 6, 2017 features more great insight from energy expert, Mark Jewell, and two deep-dive interviews with AutomatedBuildings.com’s, Ken Sinclair, and Optergy’s president, Steve Guzelimian. Make sure to register for upcoming webinars from Belimo, ACI’s, and Schneider Electric.

ControlTalk NOW guest Mark Jewel, renowned expert trainer and coach, business consultant, and solutions designer. Selling Power magazine recently ranked Mark’s company, Selling Energy, as one of the nation’s Top 20 Sales Training Firms. Mark has influenced energy efficiency decisions in three billion square feet of real estate in his 25+ years in this industry and has trained countless controls manufacturers, distributors and contractors how to differentiate themselves with segment-specific, concise messaging and more effective approaches to driving their revenues and margins.

ControlTalk NOW’s first interview is with Ken Sinclair who reviews his August edition of AutomatedBuildings.com. Ken takes us on a profound tour of the dogged progression towards autonomous devices and autonomous buildings. Ken’s editorial first links us to the relevant technology thought-leaders, while the body of the August edition provides an excellent array of perspectives from various industry experts. Ken even spices things up a bit with some info on CryptoCurrency, Blockchain, and Bitcoin. The once cloud-bound flow of data is in flux. The edge is fogging up, and Hey You! — Get off of my Cloud!

ControlTalk NOW’s second guest interview is with Steve Guzelimian, President, Optergy. Steve offers the following analogy with regards to combining BMS and EMS Analogy: “It could be said that operating a building is analogous to driving a car. If the driver has visibility of the road, feedback from gauges and a steering wheel, they will be in full control. Take away the driver’s road visibility or feedback from gauges; they will crash or run out of fuel. Remove the driver’s steering wheel, and inevitably the car will crash on the first corner. BMS is the steering wheel, EMS is the visibility and feedback.”

New Belimo Website Coming August 7th! Register Now for August 16th, 1:00 PM EDT, for Informational Webinar. On August 7th, Belimo will launch a new and improved website. You can place orders faster, save project lists, download multiple data sheets and have full access to your account files. Join Belimo August 16th at 1:00 PM EDT for an informational webinar on the features of the newly released Belimo website. You will experience how easy it is to access marketing materials and enhanced e-commerce functionalities. The webinar will conclude with an interactive question and answer session. Please join us and provide your feedback and questions. Register Now!

Converging Smart Building Systems and IT with Siemon. So many systems, so many cables, so many wires, it get’s so complicated so fast. Fear not, we had a chance to catch up with Bob Allen from Siemon the company that among other things has a Smart Building Cabling Solution. In this video Bob explains Siemon’s revolutionary approach to making cabling easier, faster, and more efficient. Do you want to reduce capital expense, increase operational savings, and improve the tenant experience? Siemon ConvergeIT is a unified intelligent building (IB) cabling solution that combines Siemon’s proven quality with advanced copper and fiber cabling technology to create a structured cabling system that converges critical data, voice, video and low-voltage building systems onto a single unified physical infrastructure, providing significant cost savings and sustainability over the life of the facility.

Schneider Electric Webinar Invite: August 9th at 1PM EST to learn about Square D VFDs. Join Scott and Brandon on August 9th at 1PM EST to learn about Square D VFDs. This webinar will cover all Square D VFD offers in iPortal, the selection tool, stocking program for S-Flex and the ATV 600 line and an overview of other Square D offers. The webinar will be approximately one hour in length. RSVP and add to your calendar!

ACI’s LIVE Temperature Transmitter Webinar 8/16 at 10:30 A.M. CST. ACI’s TEMPERATURE WEBINAR FEATURING TRANSMITTERS AUGUST 16|10:30 A.M. CST. The ACI 2017 Webinar Series continues Wednesday, August 16th. ACI’s Sales Engineer, Brant Kasbohm, will discuss the differences between ACI’s Temperature Transmitter models. During the webinar, Brant plans to highlight the important differences between Class A & Class B RTDs while diving into details regarding our transmitters and their improved accuracies. Brant will also cover ACI’s NIST Certification process and why it’s a key component in the overall performance and long term reliability of our temperature transmitters. Register Now!

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