ControlTalk Now For The Week Ending September 22, 2013

ControlTrends thanks this week’s sponsor Mike Marston and EasyIO featuring the “Beast from the East.” The EasyIO FG-32 Controller is designed to support Cloud services directly out of the box, without the need of additional gateway devices. The FG-32 leverages Open Source technology to create an Open Environment in a field controller, enabling systems integrators to create their own services and solutions directly within the field controller.

Free Cooling Map for North America (Compliments of the DOE & The Green Grid): Air-Side economizers bring outside air into a building and distributes it to the servers. Instead of being re-circulated and cooled, the exhaust air from the servers is simply directed outside. If the outside air is particularly cold, the economizer may mix it with the exhaust air so its temperature and humidity fall within the desired range for the equipment. The air-side economizer is integrated into a central air handling system with ducting for both intake and exhaust; its filters reduce the amount of particulate matter, or contaminants, that are brought into the data center.

Johnson Controls Announces Discontinuation of FX-PCV1610, FX-PCV1620, and LP-FXVMA Series Controllers: September 16, 2013, Facility Explorer Product Management announces the discontinuation of FX-PCV1610, FX-PCV1620, and LP-FXVMA Series Controllers.

Our first guest on ControlTalk NOW is Dan Flaherty, Johnson Controls Regional Product Distribution Manager, Southeast Systems, North America. Dan reviews the ABCS Conference at the Talking Stick Resort, in Scottsdale, AZ, October 6-9, 2013. There will be a new wrinkle to this ABCS conference — distributors will be joined by their contractor customers. Dan also gives attendees the heads-up on how to best prepare for the conference.

Smart Grid Innovations Demand Interoperability to Accelerate Deployments: Join Smart Grid for an e-Meeting on Sep 26, 2013 at 1:00 PM EDT. Register now! This e-Meeting is offered at no charge and open to the public. Hear from leading experts on how Smart Grid research impacts future products and services and learn how research contributes to new solutions for interoperability for the Smart Grid ecosystem. This panel will be moderated by Steve Widergren, Pacific Northwest National Laboratory and joined by Don Von Dollen, Electrical Power Research Institute; Michael Cohen, MITRE; and Dennis Ray, Power Systems Engineering Research Center.

New Zone Builder Template From our friends at DGLogik (aka “the men in black”) are at it again. In striving to reduce engineering time while creating the best graphics and user experiences, they are constantly working on improving workflows. One example of these improved workflows is how zone overlays are created on floor plans within DGLux. The video below will demonstrate how you can very quickly create zones that are pre-linked to relevant points. All of this, done using the standard SCADA system functionality. Watch this video.

ControlTalk NOW second guest is DGLogik’s Eugene Mazo. DGLogk is taking the visualization of the Internet of Things to the next standard with DGBox — the cost effective solution that enables creation and utilization of appliance applications consisting of Data Acquisition, Data Storage and Visualization. Utilizing DGBox, customers are able to take advantage of data point and visualization templates specific to the devices being monitored and/or controlled. The Appliance Platform drives repeatability and enables plug and play deployments for reduced engineering time and enhanced cost savings.

Mark Jewell on Conveying Your Value Proposition: ControlTrends favorite, Mark Jewell, shows you the right way to convey your value proposition. This is critical in the today’s competitive business environment. Mark teaches building automation control professionals the right way to position a proposal at the Honeywell EEO training.

Our third guest on ControlTrends NOW is Honeywell EEO’s Jack Connell who reviews the EEO program designed to help qualified ACI and BCS contractors identify and capitalize on new opportunities in energy sales. The EEO Program is more than a training course or another software tool. The EEO Program offers key insights and techniques for assessing potential energy projects and creating winning proposals that will help you grow your business. Thanks Jack!

The Honeywell Talking Thermostat. Just when you thought you had seen everything, Mike Keller and his team of control ninjas at Honeywell, introduce a talking thermostat. Check this video out to see how it works. Our sources tell us the new talking thermostat will be shipping soon.

Ken’s TOP 5 Information Pivot Points of Week 38: 1. America’s Power Plan: OVERVIEW: Rethinking Policy to Deliver a Clean Energy Future by Hal Harvey and Sonia Aggarwal, Energy Innovation. The electricity system in America, and in many other nations, is in the early days of a radical makeover that will drastically reduce greenhouse gas emissions, increase system flexibility, incorporate new technologies, and shake existing utility business models.

Eric’s Favorite Video of The Week: If you have not heard of Guy Kawasaki now is a good time to check him out and hear what he has to say. This is a good place to start. Guy talks about his experiences working with Steve Jobs and the the 12 lessons he learned from him.

ControlTalk NOW will continue to provide a weekly episode featuring the people, products, and the News of the Week shaping our world of controls, building automation, and the HVAC industry.

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