ControlTalk NOW — Smart Buildings VideoCast|PodCast for Week Ending Sep18, 2016

ControlTalk NOW — Smart Buildings VideoCast|PodCast for week ending Sep 18, 2016 highlights the trends impacting our industry: CGNA’s Fall Meeting; New ControlTrends Awards category will recognize the top women in the HVAC Industry; Josh Bradshaw’s Smart Clock interview; Honeywell Release of WEBs-N4.1 Software; Johnson Controls Upcoming ABCS Meeting in Nashville; KMC’s Upcoming Genius Summit 2016 in Chicago; JCI’s VP of Products & Distribution Jenny Stentz’s Rewind; Tridium’s Pranay Prakash’s IoT Presentation; Belimo’s Energy Savings Tool; KMC’s Block Programming Series; DOE’s Development of Offshore Wind Energy; and ControlTrends People CTP 004, with Automation Integrated’s Chris Farve.

CTN 197 ControlTalk Now The Smart Buildings Video Cast from Eric Stromquist on Vimeo.

josh_clock Josh Bradshaw Interview: Fans of tech meet fans of Harry Potter. This clock is the closest thing to the Weasley clock technology can provide. I just signed up as a backer on Indegogo and so should you! In this video Anton Zriashchev, CEO at Glance Clock gives a demo and I even ask him about the Weasley clock so you can hear what he has to say. Best of luck with your crowdfunding launch today Anton & team!! #smarthome #smartclock #iot #harrypotter #indegogo.

rob_allen_youngStromquist’s Young Gun Rob Allen gives us a tour of Eric’s office and his fashionable standing desk. ControlTrends update: Rob Allen and Chris White are about to launch the Next Generation Innovation series, which is all about our industries’ bright young superstars and their careers — and their insights into the evolution of our industry and what we need to do — to enhance the image of the HVAC and BAS as an important and meaningful career.

doe_windNATIONAL OFFSHORE WIND STRATEGY: FACILITATING THE DEVELOPMENT OF THE OFFSHORE WIND INDUSTRY IN THE UNITED STATES. Offshore wind energy holds the promise of significant environmental and economic benefits for the United States. It is an abundant, low-carbon, domestic energy resource. It is located close to major coastal load centers, providing an alternative to long-distance transmission or development of electricity generation in these land-constrained regions.

webs_n4Honeywell Releases WEBs-N4.1.27.20 (N4.1.1) Software Packaged Release with Tools. Honeywell is pleased to announce the release of the WEBs-N4.1.27.20 (N4.1.1) software packaged with Spyder, Stryker and Venom programming tools. Main Features: Packaged release with Honeywell tools within Niagara N4.1.27.20 software build; Supports both the newer WEB-8000 and legacy WEB-300E/600E/700 controllers; and Supports Windows 10 operating system on Supervisors & Workbench.

belimo_savingsBELIMO Releases New Damper Actuator Energy Savings Estimator Tool. Just Released: Damper Actuator Energy Savings Estimator Tool! Belimo Damper Actuator Energy Savings Estimator is now available online. The Damper Actuator Energy Savings Estimator Tool was developed to help quantify the cost savings verses other brands. Belimo damper actuators provide significant energy savings from their low power consumption.

ppTridium’s Pranay Prakash on how the Internet of Things, Big Data, and the Cloud will Help Smart Buildings. If you missed the 2016 Niagara Summit, you missed Pranay Prakash and his take on how the Internet of Things, Big Data and the Cloud. Learn how these will affect the way we do smart building controls. For more than 15 years, Tridium’s Niagara Framework® has fundamentally changed the way devices and systems connect. In 77 countries, from leading corporations to the latest startups, a large and active community has formed around Niagara.

kmcbpKMC Announce Block Programming. As of September 2016, KMC Controls has released block programming via the Control Basic Block editor, supported in Connect, Total Control and Niagara. The KMC Control Basic Block editor provides a simple drag-and-drop interface to program BACnet Controllers, specifically KMC Conquest® products: BAC-5901, BAC-9001, BAC-9021, BAC-9301 & BAC-9311. By giving customers the freedom and choice to program controllers the way they want, block programming is a natural extension of KMC’s commitment to provide open, secure and scalable solutions from single-building to enterprise-level installations.

jcijsControl Talk Rewind: Johnson Controls Jenny Stentz: Could Johnson Controls Enable the First Battery Powered Building? If you missed the August 7th episode of ControlTalk Now The Smart Buildings Video Cast and Podcast you missed our interview with Jenny Stentz, VP of Products & Distribution North America, at Johnson Controls, the world’s largest building controls provider and battery maker. Jenny gives ControlTrends fresh insight into Johnson Controls’ realigned sales and the leadership role Johnson Controls has taken in the building and energy storage space. Johnson Controls offers the latest innovations in renewable technology, efficiency technology, controls technology, and battery storage technology and is focused on the ease of doing business with its channel partners.

chris-favvCTP 004 ControlTrends People Takes a Deep Dive into the Life of Automation Integrated’s Chris Favre. On this episode of ControlTrends People, the life stories of the great people in the building automation controls industry,that make smart buildings smart, we learn about Automation Integrated’s Chris Favre. Chris is the Executive Vice President at Automation Integrated. Automated Integrated is based in Oklahoma City, but as a true master systems integrator and co-winner of the 2015 ControlTrends System Integrator of the Year Award, work on Smart Buildings projects all over the world.

ctn-sg2Other people mentioned in this episode: Pat Marsala and Paul Burke from M & M Controls, Dan Flaherty from Distech Controls , Eugene Mazo from DGLogik, Tony Fadell from Apple, Mike Sackett and Jim Hayman from Controls Group North America, Chris Eichmann from Johnson Controls, and Anna Stromquist from Team Stromquist.

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