ControlTalk NOW for Week Ending October 13, 2013

The ControlTrends Awards Nomination Committee wants to remind the ControlTrends Community at large that the nomination period will end at midnight this Tuesday, October 15th, 2013. Nomination Link. Participate and nominate the best people, products, and solutions in each category! When the time comes, be sure to vote for those people, products, and solutions that make the transformative differences in your lives and businesses! And, make plans to attend the 2013 ControlTrends Awards at the BB King Blues Club & Grille in New York City, Times Square, January 21, 2014, and celebrate with us the most exciting, rewarding, and entertaining event in our industry!

Update from Belimo Platinum Distributor Meeting in the Cayman Islands with special guests Evelyn Grace Stromquist and Tom Smyers Jr. In summary: Belimo reiterated its commitment to global leadership in Innovation, Comfort, Energy Efficiency, and Safety Solutions presenting an overwhelmingly impressive product platform, the staff of engineers and professional support, and the strong leadership in place to achieve its future goals.

Johnson Controls ABCS Meeting in Scottsdale: Huge Success Underway! Some 300 of the country’s top distributors and contractors are in attendance at the Johnson Control ABCS Meeting in Scottsdale, Arizona. The 3-day event started off with an exciting Kickoff Celebration and General Session, followed by three excellent presentations. These important and insightful business presentations gave attendees the most up-to-date and significant information on: The Social Media Buzz: How to use it to impact your business; The Next Generation of the Global Workforce: A study of GEN Y; and North American Economic Forecast & Trend Analysis by Guest Speaker: Andrew Duguay, Senior Analyst of ITR Economics. Congratulations to Jim Mangini, Vice President and General Manager, Distribution and Manufacturing, Chris Eichmann, Rick Van Buren, and the entire Johnson Controls team!

During the evening Awards Dinner Johnson Controls recognized their top distributor and contractor performers for 2012 and 2013. The highlight of the evening was the Keynote Speaker, Rocky Bleier, a four-time Super Bowl champion with the Pittsburgh Steelers. Rocky Bleier delivered a motivating and entertaining, and sometimes, heart-rending account of his life experiences and “Fighting Back” (Book and Movie released 1975) and the grand analogy of the game of football and business, leadership and the responsibility for the choices we make.

Johnson Controls’ Chris Eichmann and the “Building Championship Teams” Message: Chris Eichmann, Johnson Controls’ Director of Product Sales Systems, North America, and Co-winner of the 2012 ControlTrends Awards Executive of the Year and 2013 nominee, shares with the ControlTrends Community, a brief overview of the ABCS meeting in Scottsdale, AZ. Johnson Controls maintained its growth performance, despite the challenging economics conditions, because of its evolving products and solutions, and the ability to deliver products and solutions through its strong channel partners.

ABCS Update! Johnson Controls’ Niels Stauersbol Explains: What will happen to N2? Great Watch! ControlTrends interviews Johnson Controls’ Niels Stauersbol, Global Manager of Sensors, Thermostats, HVAC Products Building Efficiency explains that legacy Metasys N2 is not going away. Johnson will continue to sustain the enormous installed base of Metasys N2 products and keep them up and running, but they won’t be building on the product either. The 20 year, 4-bit processors used in the sensors are no longer available and the sensors are end-of-life products.

Terry Pierson Introduces Johnson Controls’ New 3-Phase Power Meter! Terry Pierson, Global HVAC Products, introduces Johnson Control’s new 3-phase power meters needed to verify energy savings and added value after retrofits. Energy meters provides the necessary data to optimize energy strategies like optimal chiller sequencing.

Johnson Controls’ Greg Willmer Highlights the PCA Base Application Controller: Product expert Greg Wilmer provides an in-depth overview of Johnson Control’s first PCA Base Controller, which supports an internal time clock, internal schedule, and internal calendar, as well as 24,000 trend instances and intrinsic alarms that are pushed up to the FX Supervisor. The PCA controller has a 5000 object capacity versus the PCG controller limit of 3000 objects, a 40% increase. The PCA controller provides more capacity, more power, and more efficiency on the network.

Clemson University: Niels Stauersbol Explains 20% Energy Saving and Saving Polar Bears: Another Product highlight from Johnson Controls’ Niels Stauersbol. Small changes achieved big impact for energy conscious Clemson University, who is committed to energy conservation as a means of reducing its environmental footprint.

The Importance of Being Energy Efficient: Mark Jewell is an expert and renowned instructor on energy efficiency, and I have had the privilege of attending one of his “Boot Camp” classes this week. Believe me, Boot Camp is an appropriate term for this 6 day, 48 hour class that is jam-packed with incredible information.

Honeywell Announces New Release of Niagara Central is Launching October 13, 2013: Honeywell is pleased to announce that a newly redesigned Niagara Central will be accessible Sunday, October 13. Niagara Central has improved functionality resulting in a simpler to use site with easier navigation. This new website will be available on October 13, 2013 at 7 p.m. EST. If you purchase Niagara products and do not have a login, this is the perfect time to start using Niagara Central to better manage your licenses. This is also a good opportunity to review the users you have and their appropriate access levels.

Is the NEST full? Not quite. The engineers of the NEST thermostat have done it again. There is a new hatch-ling coming due the fall of 2013. The newest innovation? The NEST PROTECT…A new smoke detector. Wrapped up in a highly engineered package, the stunning looking NEST
PROTECT is exactly what you would expect from the “out of the box” engineers of the NEST products. The NEST PROTECT talking (DID I SAY TALKING) smoke detector has several new features for the tech minded owner.

Amy Anderson Explains Honeywell’s Momentum On Tour — MindShare in the Making! Honeywell’s new approach to reach the hearts, minds, and warehouses of its distributors means that Honeywell will be busy touring the country the months of October and November, launching new high-end integration items like the competitively priced Sylk LCD wall module, Sylk IOs, and new additions to their Spyder and Stryker family, as well as their expanding field devices including new valves and actuators.

Contemporary Controls’ BASremote Receives Sedona 1.2 Framework™ Certification: Contemporary Controls’ BASremote Master recently updated to Sedona 1.2 received Sedona Framework Certification from Tridium. Certification reinforces BASremote Master’s capabilities as an industry leading integration and control device solution.

Ken’s TOP 5 Information Pivot Points of Week 41: 1. Electric Net News Update: Pacific Gas & Electric (PG&E) Smart Grid Upgrades Continue To Improve Service And Expand Benefits For Customers. Report Outlines Utility’s Progress in Modernizing the Electric Grid. San Francisco, CA /PRNewswire/ – Pacific Gas and Electric Company (PG&E) today provided an update to state regulators showing the utility’s progress on its Smart Grid plan for modernizing the electric grid to improve safety and reliability while delivering a host of energy and cost savings to customers.

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