ControlTalk NOW for Week Ending Nov 27, 2016

CTN Logo 1ControlTalk NOW for Week Ending Nov 27, 2016 begins the start of the holiday season for many in the ControlTrends Community, and marks the final week of the 2016 ControlTrends Awards nomination period. This week also featured DOE’s new report on the growth potential of Distributed Wind Energy for on-site power; an in-depth look at Siemens’ EcoView, specifically designed to meet the energy management needs of restaurants, medical offices, retail shops and other small commercial businesses; an interview with Blue Ridge Technologies’ CEO, Bill Dunkelberger; Lynxspring’s announces a sneak-peek WEBINAR on their new the latest additions to their E2E initiative; and DGLogik continues its IoT Brilliance in Design, Logic, Data Visualization, and Data Profiling with an amazing portfolio of IoT Vertical Solutions.

distributed_windDOE Updates: New Report Shows Potential Growth of Distributed Wind Energy for On-Site Power. The Energy Department today released a first-of-its-kind assessment of the potential future growth of distributed wind energy in the United States through 2050. Distributed wind differs from utility-scale wind in that it is installed at or near the point of end-use to meet on-site demand, such as at a farm, industrial or manufacturing facility, or rural home. The report titled, “Assessing the Future of Distributed Wind: Opportunities for Behind-the-Meter Projects” quantifies the size of the resource as well as the economic and market potential for locally-produced, clean distributed wind energy at homes and businesses nationwide.

ecoview2Siemens’ EcoView EMS is an End-to-end Energy Management Solution. Siemens EcoView™ Energy Management System (EMS) was designed specifically to meet the energy management needs of restaurants, medical offices, retail shops and other small commercial businesses. Already at work in many facilities across the United States, EcoView is a proven solution for lowering energy consumption and bills. Wireless technology, drop-in thermostats, and cloud-based applications make it affordable and simple to install and use. It also provides great visibility and control of HVAC and lighting from one central point, which helps increase productivity.

t_dayHappy Thanksgiving to our ControlTrends Community, Friends, Family, and Loved Ones, Near and Far! ControlTrends wishes the entire ControlTrends Community a very Warm and Happy Thanksgiving to all! Take a moment to reach out and share — and spread some happiness — if you can! It always goes a long way. The first Thanksgiving in 1621, was a 3-day festival that became a national holiday in 1863 after a 30 year campaign by Sarah Josepha Hale, author of the nursery rhyme, “Mary Had a Little Lamb,” who was inspired by a diary of the Pilgrim life to make Thanksgiving a national holiday.

Smart Buildings and Building Automation Controls
Smart Buildings and Smart lighting Controls saves money in smart buildings
ControlTrends Awards Nominee Bill Dunkleberger and Blue Ridge Technologies at the 2016 Niagara Summit. Now that the 2016 ControlTrends Awards Nominations are well underway, we wanted to make sure the ControlTrends community has a chance to get to know Bill Dunkleberger and his Company’s products. We caught up with Blue Ridge Technologies’ CEO, Bill Dunkleberger, at the 2016 Vendor Showcase. Bill and his team provide a very powerful and easy to use lighting solution. Blue Ridge has developed an approach called Unified Lighting Control. Unified Lighting Control completes the BAS, incorporating lighting and HVAC controls on the same network.

Screen Shot 2015-06-09 at 8.35.30 AM30 Minutes with Lynxspring – A Sneak Peek at the JENEsys Edge 534 and the Onyxx XM 34-IO. The next “30 Minutes with Lynxspring,” our monthly webinar series featuring Lynxspring subject-matter experts and special guests, continues Wednesday, November 30th at 12:00 PM CST. In this monthly edition, we will provide a sneak peek into the soon-to-be-released JENEsys® Edge™ 534 and the Onyxx® XM 34-IO – the latest additions to our E2E (Edge-to-Enterprise) initiative.

eugene_1DGLogik — IoT Brilliance in Design, Logic, Data Visualization, and Data Profiling. DGLogik’s solutions provide users with the intelligence to better manage energy usage and improve facility performance. DGLogik’s cutting-edge IoE technology will drive the future of data-driven technology, allowing users to create customizable applications and dashboards to better manage, measure, control and analyze data from any device anytime, anywhere.

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