Episode 244: ControlTalk NOW — Smart Buildings VideoCast and PodCast for Week Ending November 5, 2017

Episode 244: ControlTalk NOW — Smart Buildings VideoCast and PodCast for week ending November 5, 2017 features interviews with industry experts, Steven Guzelimian, President, Optergy, and Belimo’s Manager of Sensor Solutions, David Alliband. The Active Cyber Defense Certainty Act now allows for the hacked — to hack back.  Lynxspring is on the move with their JENEsys® Edge™ 534 Controller; take Belimo’s Americas Lab Tour and sign up for their Sensor Webinar; Contemporary Controls releases their BASemulator; Optergy takes Alarm Management and Building Demand to the next level; Tridium’s 2018 Niagara Summit returns to New Orleans; SkySpark in the News; Ken Sinclair’s November Automated Buildings; and much more!

The Active Cyber Defense Certainty Act (ACDC) amends the Computer Fraud and Abuse Act to Make Limited Retaliatory Strikes Against Cyber-miscreants Legal in America. The Active Cyber Defense Certainty Act (ACDC) amends the Computer Fraud and Abuse Act to make limited retaliatory strikes against cyber-miscreants legal in America for the first time. The bill would allow hacked organizations to venture outside their networks to identify an intruder and infiltrate their systems, destroy any data that had been stolen, and deploy “beaconing technology” to trace the physical location of the attacker.

ControlTalk NOW’s first guest interview is Steven Guzelimian, President, Optergy, who makes products for building optimization and energy management. Steve discusses Optergy’s efforts to build a global brand, by solving the scaling and language challenges associated with the 4.6 million building without BMS or EMS, as well as Optergy’s simple and scalable solution for these issues.

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News From Lynxspring. You have heard about the soon to be released JENEsys Edge 534-N4, our fully programmable Niagara 4 controller with 34 IO built in and expandable IO available. Taking Niagara 4 to the edge with real-time control—the JENEsys Edge 534-N4 utilizes the same familiar ProBuilder/Workbench software, Niagara 4 programming tools and Fox Protocol you are currently using today. We are in the final release stages and will be releasing it for purchase the first week of November.

ControlTalk NOW’s second guest interview is with Belimo’s David Alliband, Manager of Sensor Solution. David gives our ControlTrends Community an in depth insight to Belimo’s corporate philosophy and their most recent initiative to reinvent sensor technology and how with their phase one release, Belimo has already raises the industry bar for sensors. David also tells us a little more on Belimo’s future product road map that includes a serious venture into wireless technology and zoning.

Belimo Americas Lab Tour — Take a Look at Exceptional Innovation and Quality from Mt. Belimo! Belimo Americas new energy-efficient headquarters is located at on a hillside overlooking picturesque southwestern of Danbury, Connecticut. The 200,000 square foot building is registered with the certification goal of LEED® Gold and serves as a showcase for Belimo and our valued customers. View Belimo’s state-of-the-art HVAC control valve design and testing laboratories – one of North America’s largest!

Thinking about Selling Your Business? Read this First. Ken and I often speak of the “new realities” that face all businesses including those in the Smart Building Controls Industry. With changes coming at all of us faster than a 110 mph fastball with a nasty spin, just like good baseball hitters, we have to try and get an edge by anticipating the next pitch. ControlTrends is about trying to “steal the signs” and give our community an advantage, be it regarding new technology, or new business trends.

Lots of Cool Smart Building Controls Tricks from Contemporary Controls — Just in Time For Halloween. Contemporary Controls has just released its BASemulator which replicates on a PC the operation of the company’s BAScontrol series of open unitary controllers, thereby allowing sequence of operation (SOO) verification without having the actual controller. Using a PC, specifying engineers can now view the same program that will be used on the job to verify that it meets the engineer’s intended sequence of operation.

Lets do Smart Building Control Alarms Right

Optergy: A Better Way to Explain Alarms. When limited information can be used to generate alarms, there is limited ability to add context so that a user can interpret what the alarm means. The higher the alarm count, the higher the frustration levels and the more alarms become ignored. This is a common problem which can be solved with Smart Contextual Alarming. Discover how this can be achieved on your building now at info@optergy.com.

How to Take Control of Your Building Demand Charges. Thanks to Steve Guzelimian, from Optergy, for providing us with this informative post. Demand charges can be confusing. It is an invisible variable that can be costing big bucks when it comes to electricity bills. Even though invisible, it is not out of your control. Most of us understand charges when it comes to Kilowatt Hours (kWh). For example, a motor has a 300kw rating, and therefore every hour it runs at full capacity, it uses 300kWh. An electricity bill then breaks down what parts of the day that energy has been used, and the charges incurred for usage at those times.

Mark Your Calendar For the Niagara 2018 Summit. Dear valued member of the Niagara Community, Mark your calendar and plan to join us in historic New Orleans for Niagara Summit 2018, April 15-17 at the New Orleans Hyatt Regency. Every two years the Niagara Community comes together at the Niagara Summit to learn about Niagara Framework® advancements, get the latest technology news and trends, and network and learn from peers. Attendee registration is expected to open later in November, along with event sponsorships requiring tradeshow booth selections.

ControlTrends Breaking News
ControlTrends Breaking News

SkySpark In The News – Recognized for Technology and Financial Results for Building Owners. With deployments across a wide range of applications, SkySpark continues to be recognized as both a leading edge software platform for IoT applications, and a leading data analytics solution for fault detection & diagnostics and energy management. The articles, research papers and DoE reports highlighted below demonstrate the financial results attainable as organizations use SkySpark to transition to data-driven facilities management.

Ken Sinclair’s Automated Buildings November, 2017 Theme: “Agile Adaptive Autodidactic Autonomous Accepted Actions.” In his November edition of Automated Buildings, Ken Sinclair introduces the concept of Lygometry, a process of quantifying things you know that you don’t know, and his collection of “A” words, the six words we need to embrace and make part of the IoT journey we all are on. Plus, Ken Sinclair’s and Therese Sullivan’s amazing “Time line Smart Building Automation Evolution with over 100 events linking 1000’s articles of history.” Keep reading! Rewards are great! Many critically important insights from some of the sharpest minds in the HVAC and BAS industry.

Belimo Webinar: The Importance of Measuring Pressure in Commercial Buildings, Wed, Nov 15, 2017 1:00 PM – 2:00 PM EST. This Belimo webinar will be conducted by Clayton Plymill, Sensor Application Specialist, will explain why and how to effectively measure air pressure in commercial buildings ensuring occupant comfort. Topics of discussion include the forces that affect pressurization, methods of optimization, installation, and choosing the right pressure sensor. Pressure sensors from Belimo are capable of measuring high and low pressures in a variety of applications with precision to ensure optimal HVAC system performance.

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