Episode 245: ControlTalk NOW — Smart Buildings PodCast for Week Ending November 12, 2017

Episode 245: ControlTalk NOW — Smart Buildings PodCast for week ending November 12, 2017 features another great interview and discussion with Ken Sinclair, owner and editor of Automated Buildings, as Ken reviews his November theme and other key industry updates. Meet Andrew Kearnes photographer, videographer, and vlogger extraordinaire; Jones, Lang and La Salle adds workplace technology expert to expand global Smart Building Program; ACI’s Let’s Get Wet: The Right Way to Do Smart Building Differential Pressure Control; Vykon’s JACE 8000 Trade Up Program; AI wants your job: and UBER and NASA intend to make flying taxis a reality.

JLL adds workplace technology expert to expand global Smart Building Program. CHICAGO, Oct. 12, 2017 – JLL continues to

strengthen its rapidly growing Smart Building Program with the appointment of Michael Carter as Senior Solutions Consultant. Based in Philadelphia, Carter joins JLL with more than 30 years of experience in building and workplace technologies. Throughout his career, he has led global deployments of Internet of Things (IoT) and smart building technologies in corporate, government, education, multifamily, retail and multi-use facilities.

ControlTalk Now Interview with Ken Sinclair. As we review Ken’s November edition of Automated Buildings, Ken Sinclair introduces the concept of Lygometry, a process of quantifying things you know that you don’t know, and his collection of “A” words, the six words we need to embrace and make part of the IoT journey we all are on. Plus, Ken Sinclair’s and Therese Sullivan’s amazing “Time line Smart Building Automation Evolution with over 100 events linking 1000’s articles of history.” Keep reading! Rewards are great! Many critically important insights from some of the sharpest minds in the HVAC and BAS industry.

stromquist.com is a master distributor of smart building controls
stromquist.com is a master distributor of smart building controls
ACI’s Let’s Get Wet: The Right Way to Do Smart Building Differential Pressure Control. I am a video nerd, I believe that if a picture is worth a thousand words, then a well-done video gives you everything you need to know to make a good decision and is enjoyable to watch. Our friends at ACI have nailed it on two fronts: 1) the A/WPR is an amazingly easy to install and configure wet to wet differential pressure transmitter and 2) they have created a captivating and informative video to communicate all you need to know about the product without saying a word! I could say more, but just check out the video.

Vykon Announcement: JACE 8000 Trade Up Program Delivers Big Savings! Make the Move from Legacy JACEs and Save for a Limited Time! Dear VYKON partner, If you’ve been wanting to utilize the advances in the Niagara Framework® and harness the power of the Internet of Things, there’s never been a better time for you to get started. The JACE 8000 Trade Up program allows you to move to the more advanced Niagara 4 platform for less by trading up legacy JACE® controllers for significantly discounted JACE 8000s. Multiply your savings by using Niagara 4 to reduce inventory and cost to maintain a building automation system.

Meet the Person Who is Going to Try to Take Your Job….Hint… “It is not a person.” Part of what Ken and I try to do, and the primary purpose of ControlTrends, is to cull the internet for things that can radically affect those of us who play in the Smart Buildings Controls space. Big Data and analytics is something we have been talking about for a while and we are either using it, providing it, or selling around it. At this stage of the game, it has created a business opportunity that many have embraced. Someone has to connect the data to some form of filtering or to an analytics platform to make the data useful. But what happens when data no longer needs a human interaction.

UBER + NASA = Flying Taxis — by the Year 2020. That’s 25 Months (Closer Than You Think) from Now! What do flying taxis have to do with HVAC or Building Automation? Probably not much, maybe some executive that we know or some crack shot technician or system integrator might use one in a pinch, but keeping up with the overall pace of disruptive technology is a good thing. Thinking outside of the box isn’t vast enough anymore, you now need keep your imagination pedal floored.

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