ControlTalk NOW — Announces Finalist For 2016 ControlTrends Awards

ControlTalk NOW — Smart Buildings VideoCast|PodCast for week ending December 12, 2016 congratulates the 2016 ControlTrends Awards finalists! ControlTrends would like to thank the ControlTrends Community members who participated in the nomination process, and now that we’ve entered the final voting phase, please make sure to check your email for your official voting ballot, or go to the ControlTrends website and click on the voting link in the upper right-hand corner. It’s going to be a magical evening with all the Hollywood Red Carpet and Banquet trimmings. If you are going to be in Las Vegas for the AHR EXPO 2017, reach out to one of our participating sponsors to see if they might have a ticket for you!

cta_logo1-700400Congratulations to the 2016 CONTROLTRENDS AWARDS CATEGORY FINALISTS who will competing for awards in 24 Categories. The winners will be announced live from the stage of the Hard Rock Cafe, January 29, 2016. Special Award presentations will include: BACnet International, Project Haystack, ControlTrends Hall of Fame Inductee, Petock Award, and 2016 ControlTrends Young Guns.

Building Automation VAV Controller of the Year Manufacturer or Product
Johnson Controls
Distech Controls
Honeywell Spyder
Schneider Electric MNB-V2

Building Automation Plant/Equipment Controller of the Year
EasyIO FG-32+
Johnson Controls FX-PCG
Alerton Ascent Control Module ACM
Distech ECB-600 Series
Lynxspring JENEsysONE
Contemporary Controls BAScontrol20

Energy Savings Solution Product of the Year
Belimo Energy Valve
JCI VSD Active Energy
Schneider Electric, Building Insights
Blue Ridge Technologies Lighting Control

Peripheral Product of the Year
Dwyer Instruments
Functional Devices
Contemporary Controls
Dent Instruments
Sierra Monitor Corporation

Wireless Product/Solution of the Year
EasyIO FW- Series
Johnson Controls WT 4000
Schneider Electric SmartStruxure Lite
Honeywell RedLINK
ACI MeshNet 900
Alerton WTS

Lighting Integration Provider/Solution of the Year
Blue Ridge Technologies
Acuity Lighting
WattStopper DLM
Cisco, Digital Ceiling
Control Network Solution, elitedali™

3rd Party Visualization Software of the Year
J2 Innovations FIN Builder
DGLogik DGLux5
BAS Services Graphics
Proton, Optergy
Activelogix Periscope
QA Graphics
Clock Works, KGS Buildings
Forest Rock, Energy Vision

Building Analytics Solution of the Year
Niagara Analytics
SkyFoundry SkySpark
Aurora, Optergy
Schneider Electric Clock Works, KGS Buildings
CopperTree Kaizen

Light Commercial Solution of the Year
Johnson Controls Verasys
Schneider Electric Viconics
Proton, Optergy
KMC Commander
Honeywell RedLINK
Siemens EcoView

Innovative Product of the Year
EasyIO FW-14
Tridium Niagara 4
Johnson Controls Verasys
Belimo New Butterfly Valve
Optergy Proton
Lynxspring Onyx Edge Controllers
BAS Controls EAC-916
Siemon, Smart Building Cabling Solution

Building Automation Control System of the Year
Distech Controls
Johnson Controls FX
Schneider Electric Struxureware
Honeywell WEBs
Lynxspring JENEsys
Siemens Talon
KMC Controls

VFD Manufacturer/Product of the Year
Johnson Controls VSD Series
Honeywell Smart VFD
Schneider Electric Altivar
Siemens BT300

Best Technical Support Person — Large Manufacturer
Dimitri Papadopoulos, Johnson Controls
Kevin Callahan, Alerton
Sylvia Price, Tridium
Chris Hinton, Schneider Electric
Gerald Williams, Distech
Michael Hines, Honeywell
Brian Parks, Belimo
Greg Halloway, Delta
Dave Rodela, Siemens

Best Technical Support Person — Small Manufacturer
SK Foo, EasyIO
Barry Gordon, ACI
Marc Bergeron, ProLon
Aaron Sanchez, J2 Innovations
Christy O’Neil, Blue Ridge Technologies
Scott Gregson, Innotech Controls
Chris Ryan, Lynxspring
Diego Mateo, Contemporary Controls

Best Technical Support Company — Large Manufacturer
Johnson Controls
Tridium Vykon
Distech Controls
KMC Controls

Best Technical Support Company — Small Manufacturer
Contemporary Controls
Functional Devices
Blue Ridge Technologies

The PID Award
Lim Hoon Chiat, EasyIO
Chris Eichmann, Johnson Controls
Sarah Monteleone, Connect Air
Dan Flaherty, Distech Controls
Gina Elliot, Schneider Electric
Bill Dunkleberger, Blue Ridge Technologies
Richard Bogle, Honeywell
Gary Weber, Belimo
Pranay Prakash, Tridium
Luis Megares, Neptronic
Josh Felperin, Siemens Controls

ControlTrends Executive of the Year — Small Manufacturer
Sarah Monteleone, Connect-Air
Eugene Mazo, DGLogik
Marc Bergeron, Prolon
Steve Guzelimian, Optergy
Bill Dunkleberger, Blue Ridge Technologies
Troy Schwenn, ACI
Jim Hewetson, Functional Devices
Terry Swope, Lynxspring
Biagio Di Lorenzo, Neptronic

ControlTrends Executive of the Year — Large Manufacturer
Jenny Stentz, Johnson Controls
John Sublett, Tridium
Martin Vileneuve, Distech Controls
Chad Blackmer, Belimo
Annette Clayton, Schneider Electric
Larry Weber, Honeywell
John Karczmarczyk, Siemens

ControlTrends Vendor of the Year — Large Manufacturer
Johnson Controls
Distech Controls
Schneider Electric

ControlTrends Vendor of Year — Small Manufacturer
Blue Ridge Technologies
Functional Devices
Contemporary Controls

ControlTrends Systems Integrator of the Year
ATS, Seattle
CBRE|ESI, Brookfield, WI
Alpha Controls & Services, IL
Automated Air, Australia
Control Systems Consultants, Terrell, TX
Harris Controls, Minneapolis, MN.
Pacific Controls, Asia
McKenney’s , Atlanta
Beveco, Netherlands
Krueger Electric, Kelowna, BC (CANADA)
HVAC Concepts LLC, Frederick, MD
Navitas System Integration, Plymouth, MA
Renick Brothers, Slippery Rock. PA
MRSoluciones, Mexico City

ControlTrends Woman of the Year
Sarah Monteleone, Connect Air
Renee Joseph, Johnson Controls
Lisa Hickey, Belimo
Angie Jarvis, ProLon
Jenny Graves, Tridium
Amy Doran, Alerton
Annette Clayton, Schneider Electric
Laura Kevitt, Vykon
Monica Ferraro, Distech
Ruth Hershey, Siemens
Lindsay Baker , Comfy
Therese Sullivan,

ControlTrends Most Impactful Video of the Year
EasyIO, The Rules Have Changed:
Belimo: ” Why Choose the Belimo Energy Valve?”
Johnson Controls: “Johnson Controls, A New Evolution”
J2 Innovations:” Introducing FIN 4.0″
DG Logik: “Facility Dashboards with Project Assist 2.0”
Contemporary Controls: “Understanding BACnet Series”
Alerton: “Welcome to Alerton”
Schneider Electric:” MG350 Smart Actuator”
Johnson Controls:” Johnson Controls Smart Connected Chillers”
Lynxspring: ” Introduction to the Lynxspring Onyxx BH311 BACnet to Haystack Data Pump”
ACI: “Who is ACI? The Story of Automation Components, Inc.”
Siemens:” Ingenuity is shaping America’s energy future”
KMC Controls: “KMC+DELL Customer Beginnings”

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