DOE’s Cathy Zoi — New Home Energy Score Pilot Program

As ControlTrends continues to track and connect the dots — of the hottest topics shaping the HVAC Industry: Big Data, Data Visualization, Demand Response, Automated Demand Response, and of course, one of the greatest linking pieces — the thermostat, it is important to get in synch with the other forces and programs of greatest impact, one of which, is certainly the Department of Energy.

The Home Energy Score Program will be available to household in the USA. To put it in perspective, most of you know what the mileage your car gets – or should get. And that the higher the MPG rating, the less you’re going to spend on gasoline. Watch a video about the Home Energy Score, which helps homeowners understand how home energy systems perform on a simple 10-point scale, handing the HVAC players implicit and significant market opportunities.

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