Here is Your Official 2016 ControlTrends Awards Nomination Ballot

cta_logo1-700400 The nomination period for the 2016 ControlTrends Awards is well underway! This is your opportunity to nominate your favorite products, solutions, vendors, technical support people, and executives. Help us recognize the heroes and superstars of our HVAC and Building Automation industry. Nominate those people, products, and solutions that help sustain our industry and make it so important and successful. The top five or six nominees in each category will then be placed on the final voting ballot in December. Please pass this nomination ballot to your co-workers and colleagues!

Click here to start the nomination process. Please share this link with your network.

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One Response

  1. I have suggested for a few years now that you include technical trainers in your recognition categories.

    As valuable as tech support people, trainers provide vital information and assistance in the real issues that installers and users face in dealing with control systems.

    Also, similar to Sales people, trainers are often the only face of a company that many users actually see and interact with. In this role, trainers become the salesperson, by showing the product, teaching of its capabilities, convincing users that the product will perform and meet their unique building control needs.

    But, I see that once again, you have failed in your awards program to shine a spotlight on possibly the most overlooked customer-facing role in controls today; the lowly technical trainer. To quote the great Private Gomer Pyle, “For shame, for shame!”

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