2013 ControlTrends Awards Thermostat of the Year Nominee — Viconics VT8000: The Perfect Balance Between Simplicity and Sophistication!

ViconicsVT8The VT8000 Series is nominated for the 2013 ControlTrends Awards Thermostat of the Year and here’s why: There has never been a better hospitality solution with as much flexibility and energy savings features built into one elegant device as the Viconics VT8000.

Innovative control solutions that feature flexibility, easy installation, and optimized comfort. The Viconics VT8000 series offers Energy Saving Occupancy Strategies, Simplified Installation, Customizable Interface, Scalability and Optimization. Viconics Technologies Inc. headquartered in Montreal, Canada was founded 30 years ago in the field of industrial process controls. Viconics quickly became a leader in embedded micro controller-based technology and later identified a need in the HVAC market sector and developed factory programmed, field-configurable stand-alone PI wall mounted temperature controllers. Over the years Viconics has brought its expertise to the industry, by creating innovative products based upon direct market feedback.

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