FlamencoTech’s Digital Blanket is Nominated for Two ControlTrends Awards

FLAMENCOTECHFlamencoTech’s Digital Blanket is nominated for two ControlTrends Awards: Energy Savings Solution Product of the Year and Building Analytics Software of the Year. FlamencoTech unleashes intelligent value from your infrastructure at Buildings, Factories, Hospitals and Data Centres. We select and synergize with various technologies used in enterprises, eliminating duplication and ensuring that IT and Automation delivers business outcomes with maximum efficiency and reduced costs.

About FlamencoTech: FlamencoTech is a leading Digital Infrastructure Solutions provider. We enable SMARTer buildings, campus, retail, industry ad infrastructure through use case based consulting, system design, solutions design, solutions provisioning and integration through our Digital Blanket Framework. FlamencoTech is leveraging Internet of Everything & Everyone (IoEE) to create Intelligent Infrastructure across Buildings, Hospitals, Factories, Retail, Data Centers, etc.

The concept of IoEE provides real-time status and control of devices, information and people and has been formulated through a unique platform called the Digital Blanket. We select and synergize the various technologies used in your business, eliminating duplication and ensuring that automation delivers with maximum efficiency and reduced costs. In the process, we create intelligent infrastructure that impacts your business positively.

By selecting the technologies best suited for your business infrastructure, you achieve the flexibility and the freedom to leapfrog with minimal cost and effort, when required. We have aggregated data across diverse building systems and created Building and Energy Analytics Layers for SMARTer Buildings. With a passion for customer service, innovation and new technologies, FlamencoTech continuously challenges status quo with a view to deliver substantial value to our customers.

FlamencoTech’s visionary thinking conceptualizes and integrates your digital initiatives and provides deep expertise in business processes and technology architectures. FlamencoTech is defining solutions for ‘SMARTer Buildings’ with a goal of enabling a smarter and easier interaction between tenants, employees, visitors and administrators.


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  1. Heartiest Congratulations to FlamencoTech and Team!
    Great achievement.

    Appreciate your efforts Control Trends Team!

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