Leading Industry Experts Join Ken Sinclair’s 7th Connection Community Collaboratory at 2019 AHR EXPO

Ken Sinclair was joined by a panel of renown industry experts at the Exploring our Human Connection, Our Seventh Annual Connection Community Collaboratory held January 15th, at the 2019 AHR EXPO in Atlanta, to assist Ken’s heightened efforts to enlighten our industry and help maximize the potential opportunities the burgeoning wave of IoT technologies that both endow — and challenge us.

One of the best ways to obtain a better understanding of what all this IoT technology might mean in the near future and comprehend what is at stake is to assemble of a cast of leading industry experts actively serving as CEO’s, Marketing VP’s, business owners, and Organizational Representatives, and let them hash it out. Marc Petock, Troy Davis, George Thomas, and Martin Villeneuve delivered valuable insights while in engaged in a spirited dialogue about: Present Deployment of Future Technology, Data Generation, Cloud Services, Data Ownership, Cyber Security, Privacy and much more.

How do we best “Look” with rapidly evolving video analytics, “Listen” with natural language interaction? Use our history of “Feeling” temperature, humidity, occupancies, etc., and best combine this all with ‘Thinking” that will come from self-learning? This must watch video takes us a long way down the rabbit hole!

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