Ken Sinclair’s Automated Buildings March, 2016 Release: “Project-Haystack Open for Mashing”

Ken_Sinclair_Photo In his March 2016 edition, Ken Sinclair, owner and editor of Automated Buildings, gives recognition and congratulates Project-Haystack and the Sedona Community in meaningful ways featuring the E-zine launch of Project-Haystack Connections, a seminal work by Therese Sullivan, and Ken’s Open Sedona Evolution editorial.

In the words of Ken Sinclair: “We are extremely pleased to deliver to you Project-Haystack’s new e-zine “Connections” as a supplement/insert to our March issue. We have been involved with the project from its inception and are proud and pleased to have the honor of helping present this first issue. This issue provides an amazing overview of the achievement and resource collection in place today.

In celebration of the first ever Connections magazine we have provided a March review entitled “How to Build a Haystack”, which is a brief history of Project-Haystack chronologically documented. Our March issue also speaks well to the rapid evolution now occurring in the Sedona community that is redefining open. These two communities are mashing and meshing well. In this review the history, the how, and why Sedona is leading a new generation of edge-devices that come tagged, preconfigured, and with a programmable control language.”

Other March Automated Buildings Articles Include:

Energy Analytics Controllers: Alper Üzmezler, BASSG LLC

Open Sedona Application Editor: Kirk Clousson, Contemporary Controls

Man vs Machine (Learning): Don Kasper, Ecorithm

What’s On Our Minds in 2016: Marc Petock, Lynxspring & Connexx Energy

Human-Embedded IoT: Eric Graham, CrowdComfort

“Building as a Service”: Allan McHale, Memoori

Device Web Connection: Cees Links, GreenPeak Technologies

Wireless LED Control: Matthias Kassner, EnOcean

Blowing In The Wind: Jim Sinopoli Smart Buildings LLC

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