Ken Sinclair’s Automated Buildings September Theme — “The Self Learning Edge Revolution”

Ken_Sinclair_PhotoControlTrends Community, hold onto your hats and meters! Because in this September edition of Automated Buildings, owner, editor — and oracle, Ken Sinclair, proposes that there is a edge controller revolution underway (right now, under our noses) that will completely disrupt the industry as we know it. Not only are these gadgets more open and more powerful, but they will be created and run by tinker kids in millennium maker culture. As Ken says, “These new low cost powerful edge boards are open architecture hardware, that runs open source software plus they come with millennium maker culture and the tinker kids to make anything happen. These kids do not well understand our industry pain and that is a tremendous advantage because they will not approach our problems like we did. We could all learn a lot if we just talk to each other and get on with the new revolution.” Click here for complete editorial.

Other Great September Articles:

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Leveraging IoT Solutions to Make Buildings “Smarter,” Christine Boles, Smart Building Solutions, Intel

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