Ken Sinclair’s Automated Buildings November Theme — Open Edge Software Fuels Self-learning Operability

Kenwithwriting.001 Ken Sinclair, owner and editor of continues his quest of pulling the lid off of the next future of our industry — before it’s bottled. Granting IoT no sanctuary, Ken Sinclair’s November pursuit is clear: “Our revolutionary themes for the last few months have led us to the importance of the open software movement as part of our journey. Truly Open Edge Software provides access to all data, which fuels self-learning and enables unbridled creation for the new breed of makers that will marry our industry and IoT. Powerful, low-cost, high memory devices alone can not create the self-learning edge revolution; they need access to open sophisticated software that can operate within their environments to allow makers to build the new generation of devices. Open software rapidly creates the function, form and focus of these self-learning edge devices and leads to the development of what has never been built before.” Read more!

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