Ken Sinclair’s Automated Buildings January, 2017 Theme: “Our Assets are People, not Technology.”

We might suppose that it was the relentless rays of disruptive IoT light recently shone on our industry, that inspired Ken Sinclair, owner and editor of Automated Buildings, to rewrite his Automated Buildings’ mission statement, entitled: “Be the Catalysis/Harbinger of the IoT Future of Building Automation.” Yet, the real focus of the AB’s January, 2017 edition is the concept that people are still our greatest asset, not technology. As Ken reminds us, “We need to focus instead on our only assets, our people who have all been through several technology shifts in their life. They have seen hardware evaporate into software and become data in the IoT cloud or processes acted on at the edge.”

More excerpts from Ken Sinclair’s editorial: “I have been sensing some, Oh no! the IoT sky/cloud is falling on us. It hit me on the head, so I know it must be so, – says Chicken Little. It is so heavy we all shall be crushed or displaced or outsourced. (Big smile.) So I felt the necessity of pushing the focus back on the people of our industry, our only true assets, and putting them on the watch for Foxey Loxey in our new year of incredible opportunities 2017. Happy New Year!

The Internet of Things, “IoT” transformations are bringing significant industry disruptions.

Disruption is good because it causes our assets to be employed to review our core values, our reason for being, and adapt to change for survival. These are things that only the people of our industry can do; our existing technologies can not help and have the potential of becoming liabilities.

Our industry, as all industries are inundated with the movement to the cloud and the self-learning edge, IoT is in our face everywhere. In lieu of the necessary action of how we might repurpose our only assets, our people, we focus on our existing technologies, their high cost, missing functionality, and the lack of speed an IoT connection of our aging technologies and outdated procedures.”

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