Tech Tuesday: How to Calibrate a Pneumatic Thermostat

Even though the world of controls has moved on to digital controls, there are still quite a few pneumatic controls in older buildings. In case you run into one of these critters, we went to the archives and retrieved a training video from our friend Jerry Condiff.

In this video, Jerry will show you a simple way to calibrate and set up any brand of pneumatic thermostat.

Let’s Get Basic

A pneumatic control system is very much like a digital control system in that they both are using a sensor and controller and a controlled device, such as a valve or damper actuator, to create a desired condition. Electronic of direct digital control systems use electricity, electronics and digital controllers .

A Pneumatic system uses compressed air as its energy source and mechanical movement as its method of sensing and controlling end devices like valves or damper actuators.

Because we are dealing with mechanical comments instead of digital, there is more possibility for the system to come out of calibration and when that happens, you get a service call and people complaining about being too hot or cold.

So now when you walk up to that thermostat on the wall and you can’t find the wires, you can remember this video and post and you will know exactly how to calibrate that pneumatic thermostat.

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