Ken Sinclair’s Automated Buildings February, 2016 Release: “Making it Mashable”

Ken_Sinclair_PhotoKen Sinclair, owner and editor of Automated Buildings, applies the word mashable to the building automation world. Mashable, which the Urban Dictionary defines as “a term used to describe two or more online applications that work together and/or within each other.” February’s AB theme, “Making it Mashable,” addresses then, a very relevant concern — that as we sort through the maelstrom of exponential IoT technology impacting our industry, an industry that seeks optimality in every aspect of smart building control, data integration, and the maximum realization of energy and operational efficiencies — the question becomes, are we there yet? The technology certainly is, but our “mashability,” will ultimately answer yes or no for us.

Ken editorializes, “Our goal now is to achieve mashable integration of all our services and products. We need to create mashable pieces that will allow the creators of IoT gizmos and spimes to further create things never before imagined.” For complete editorial, click here.

List of February Articles:

Optimizing Automated Buildings, Matthew Higgins, Vibrantcy

The Future: BG or BS? Jack Mc Gowan, The Mc Gowan Group

IP Connectivity to IoT’s Edge, Brian Turner, Controlco

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Crisis of Conscience, Therese Sullivan, BuildingContext Ltd

Smarter Buildings, Smarter Graphics, Heather Saxton, QA Graphics

Operating Cost Management Systems, Zach Denning, EnerDapt, Inc

Video Surveillance Needs New Strategies, Allan McHale, Memoori

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