What is New with Tridium? I Found out at AHR! And it is Cool!

Tridium brings AI to Smart Building Controls

I had a chance to stop by and see Ed Merwin at the Tridium booth at AHR. Boy was I glad I did!

In addition to the new JACE 9000, Ed shared a range of the latest products from Tridium that are changing how building and facility management professionals interact with their systems. The Niagara 4 platform provides a powerful, secure, and open architecture for creating applications that can monitor, control, analyze, and optimize operations in commercial buildings.

Most exciting to me, is how Tridium is using AI. 

Tridium has partnered with Jeff Kimmel and Elipsa to bring AI to the Tridium product offering, and more choices to their customers.

As you can see in this video, Tridium is once again blazing new trails on the smart building controls evolution highway.


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