ControlTrends HVAC Tech School: Two Way and Three Way Valves The Basics

Watch this video and learn the difference in 2 way and three way, mixing and diverting , and NO and NC valves

In doesn’t matter if you are using Belimo, Honeywell,, Johnson Controls, Siemens, or Schneider Electric valves they all have certain things in common. Understanding these commonalities helps the HVAC controls pro in diagnosing problems with an HVAC system. Here are 5 key distinctions  you need to know when it comes to HVAC Control Valves:

   1.  Is it a  two way or three way control valve .

   2. Is it Normally Open or Normally Closed?

   3. If it is a three way Valve is it mixing or divertin

  4. How is it piped? Watch video for examples.

  5. If you need to replace the valve, what is the part number of the valve and the part number of   the actuator. If you don’t know these call your trusted distributor or check back to control for a future video we will create called ” What to do if you don’t have your part numbers?”

Hope you enjoyed this video, please reach out in comments should you have any questions.

PS Sorry about the out of focus shots, I was having problems with my lens.

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