Dwyer’s SMART Air Hood™ — This Changes Everything

DWYERQUAD FLOW DESIGN TECHNOLOGY: A patent pending design based on controlling the circulating air patterns providing a more even air flow with minimal backpressure effects. The design results in an accuracy of 3% or better regardless of diffuser types.

• PREDICTIVE BALANCING: An industry first for airflow balancing, this patent pending process guides the balancing technician on setting the proper air flow values for each diffuser to fully optimize the HVAC system. No more guess work as Predictive Balancing provides the optimal flow set point for each sequential terminal. The application software completes the balancing process in much less time than traditional balancing methods.

• ERGONOMIC DESIGN: Made from a rugged lightweight polymer construction; it is the smallest, lightest and most aerodynamic design in the industry, weighing less than 6 pounds and 1/4 the height of other bulky air hoods. The Series SAH SMART Air Hood mounts to an extendable pole for easy use and maneuverability resulting in less muscle strain compared to other air balancing equipment. Balancing can be completed by just one technician.

• MOBILE SPEED: With the digital handheld test instrument and software, featuring Wi-Fi direct wireless communications and a range of 200 yards, the testing, adjusting and balancing process is faster and more accurate than any other air flow hood on the market today.

• LOWEST TOTAL COST OF OWNERSHIP: Fast, accurate and easy; a better way to air balance saving time and money. The SMART Air Hood features a rechargeable lithium battery backed up by 4 AA batteries resulting in no downtime. For annual calibration, simply detach the removable pitot arrays and pressure sensor and return without the hood for calibration. To ensure no downtime, simply have on hand another calibrated set to quickly snap on and you are back in business.

Schedule a SMART Air Hood™ Demo with a Dwyer Balancing Specialist!

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