Mechanical Systems and Control Systems How to Avoid The Blame Game

How many times have you been on the job, and the customer is not happy: the Mechanical Contractor and Controls Contractor are red-faced, pointing fingers at each other and it has the look and feel of an MMA Fight gone wrong?

It happens more than you think. So how can this scenorio  be avoided? 

Young Gun Aaron Gorka goes back to school (literally back to school) to find solutions to the age old awkward  dance of mechnical vs. controls.

Aaron goes to one of Canada’s top technical colleges, Conestoga College Institute of Technology and Advanced Learning. He sits down with Jim Bechard and John Loncar two of the brightest professors in the HVAC and Smart Buildings controls field.

On this episode of Next Generation Innovation, you will hear an insightful conversation about how the different systems in a building are supposed to work. You will also get practical tips on everything from managing expectations to evaluating performance.

Thanks to Aaron, Jim, and John for passing on such excellent knowledge.

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