Meet Niagara at the Edge During NS18!

Throughout the exhibit hall at the Niagara Summit this year, you’ll get a look at how Tridium and our partners are running Niagara at the edge. You’ll learn during select breakout sessions about the new controllers that are simplifying Niagara edge device management. Register NOW!

Mike Westerfield, a senior product manager at Tridium talks about the top-to-bottom Niagara experience we’ll be introducing during NS18:

P.S. …Need help convincing your boss? Just copy, paste and start looking for flights to New Orleans…

Attending Niagara Summit 2018 will be a tremendous opportunity for the organization and for me. Here are a few reasons why:

* I will have a chance to learn about the latest innovations in the Niagara Framework®
* I will learn to optimize our use of the Niagara platform through expanded application possibilities, lowered costs, increased efficiency and maximized integration
* I will attend enlightening keynotes from industry leaders and experts
* I will walk away with a clear, informed strategy for our Niagara solutions and my own professional growth
* If you have any questions, please contact

We look forward to seeing you in New Orleans!

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  1. Hi I am an engineer,
    Would like say that the Tridium training course is good very expensive training wise and it doesn’t give poeple enough time to train .They only get five days to train to use Tridium workplace there is no peer training to the course itself .Can someone please advise me many thanks .

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