Niagara Summit 2016: Learn to Maximize Niagara’s Business Value

NSLess than a year since its introduction, Niagara 4 is already providing businesses worldwide with opportunities to fully leverage technology, achieve operational excellence and develop new revenue streams. REGISTER NOW and Secure Your Spot!

You’ll see how at Niagara Summit 2016:
1. Understanding how Niagara integrates and connects diverse devices and systems
2. Exploring use cases that highlight how Niagara-based solutions and new application offerings are lowering energy costs and driving operational excellence
3. Examining market trends driving adoption now and in the future

Be sure to book your reservations at the Hyatt Regency New Orleans. A limited number of guestrooms are still available!

See you in New Orleans!
Highlighted breakout sessions
Open Smart Building Design & Commissioning
Analytics from Edge to Cloud
Niagara Deployment Models And more!

Who should attend:
End users
Facility managers and business owners
Sales professionals

P.S. …Need help convincing your boss? Just copy, paste and start looking for flights to New Orleans…

Attending Niagara Summit 2016 will be a tremendous opportunity for the organization and for me. Here are a few reasons why:
I will have a chance to learn about the latest innovations in the Niagara Framework®.
I will learn to optimize our use of the Niagara platform through expanded application possibilities, lowered costs, increased efficiency and maximized integration.
I will attend enlightening keynotes from industry leaders and experts.
I will walk away with a clear, informed strategy for our Niagara solutions and my own professional growth.

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