2017 Haystack Connect Begins on a Huge Note — A Thriving Community Assembles in Mass — Industry Gravitas, Systemic Benefits, and EcoHaystack Fun

ControlTrends coverage of the 2017 Haystack Connect begins among hundreds of industry experts, systems integrators, specifying engineers, and end-users — all mingling in a vendor-rich reception, an amazing and exciting testament to the growing Haystack community and ecosystem. As key Haystack Connect organizer, Marc Petock tells us, “This year’s theme is ‘Data Gets Real,'” and there will be many real-world examples featured, where Haystack is being used to deliver large-scale, high-level management strategies and solutions. Project Haystack’s Executive Director, John Petze sums it up best, “The world is coming to us through data, and a key challenge is having that data describe what it means. And this year’s Haystack Connect will be the best technical program ever.” After a cursory review of the scheduled DAY 2 and DAY 3 technical breakout sessions, there’s no doubt about it. At this date and time in our industry, 2017 Haystack Connect is the place to be.

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