Arthur Alter Previews DGLogik’s Project Assist 2.0: Making the Invisible Visible — Affordably

So what are you going to do with all that data that you can pump out of Niagara N4? How are you going to get it in a format that is easy to see, easy to understand, easy to normalize, easy to install, and easy to customize, at a cost that is easy on the budget? The “Men in Black” aka the DGLogik team have the products and answers to these questions, and they were out in full force at the 2016 Niagara Product Showcase. They were kind enough to show us their updated Project Assist 2.0.

Project Assist 2.0 for Facilities is a drag and drop facility application builder that allows users to easily create custom HTML5 interfaces in order to quickly gain complete insight into building performance and energy consumption. It delivers a fast, simple and intuitive user experience, offering full flexibility and customization without writing any code nor diving into the full design and development environment of their flagship product, DGLux5.

As you can see in the video Project Assist 2.0 allows you to reduce the number of hours it takes to provide visual solutions for your Niagara users. So if you want to connect it, build it, or deploy it the team at DGLogik has a solution for you.

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