Ken Sinclair’s Automated Buildings June, 2017 Theme: “Sensing the Change”

In his June edition of Automated Buildings, owner and editor Ken Sinclair, asks our industry at large — if we are really getting the gist of how IoT is turning the building automation industry, and us along with it, inside out. Using a slight of phrase, “Sensing the Change,” Ken then asks what makes better sense and offers the greatest value, the good old sensor on the wall, or the “smart-sensorized occupant?” P.S. Happy 50th Anniversary to Ken and Jane Sinclair!

Excerpt from Ken Sinclair’s editorial: “Sensing the Change” is a double entendre, a particular way of wording that is devised to be understood in two ways, having a double meaning. “Sensing the Change” while Changing our Sensing. Are we fully sensing the change IoT is bringing to our industry? Keep reading to get a sense of industry reaction and interaction. Are we changing the measured variables of what we sense to evaluate satisfaction, comfort, and productivity? Are we shifting from traditional temperature measurement to connection to occupant’s personal data like a smart watch, or phone or WiFi/cell signal? Are we changing the light color to match lighting circadian rhythm? Tinting glass, control window shading to suit occupant? Read more!

June Automated Buildings Featured Articles

Let the People Rule, Brad White, SES Consulting Inc., Stefan Storey, Sensible Building Science

The Sea Change is Happening, Sunita Shenoy, Intel

Haystack Connect 2017, Adam Hise, Harbor

Haystack Connect and IoT on Common Ground, Therese Sullivan, BuildingContext Ltd

Haystack Connect 2017 Recap, John Petze, Marc Petock,

Technical Presentations at Haystack Connect, Kathleen Thomas, Contemporary Controls

What exactly is a “Room Controller?” Gina Elliott, Schneider Electric

Improve Your Time Management, Hector Hernandez, CUBE-USA

Beyond Energy Management, Daphne Tomlinson, Tomlinson Business Research

Filling the BeMS Training Gap, Steve Harrison, Optimised Learning

Put Security First, Dan Ronald, Optigo Networks

Real Scientists, Top Data Gurus Leading IoTs,

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