Niagara Summit 2018 Day 1’s Keynote Speakers: Tridium’s President and General Manager, Jim Bland and CTO, Kevin Smith

Following the dazzling electronic imagery of the Niagara blue spread of connected data through a city landscape on three-screen wide presentation, Tridium’s Jim Bland, President and General Manager, takes the wand from the cyber maestro of the screen and hands it, figuratively, to the expectant audience of over 1000 global Niagara Community members — challenging them that NOW — is the time to really think outside the box, Disney example provided. The possibility of failure should no longer restrain the efforts to achieve the spectacular possibilities and payoffs of innovation.

Tridium’s leader of the Global Engineering Team and CTO, Kevin Smith follows with Tridium’s amazing “Look Ahead,” and the key drivers shaping tomorrow: Innovation, People Focus, and Seamless Productivity. The Niagara Framework and team are strong, getting stronger, and committed under great leadership. The Niagara Community and ecosystem are growing world-wide and leading the way with innovation.

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