Smart Buildings Redefined at IBcon 2014 — Ken Smyers Moderates Session

ken11 IBcon’s Smart Building Redefined Session brought together three unique and distinguished industry experts: Kevin Facinelli, EVP, Daikin Applied, Lindsay Baker, VP Research & Marketing, Building Robotics, and William MacGowan, Director Smart Connected Real Estate, Cisco Systems Canada. The panel presented and discussed innovative technologies developed recently for Building HVAC Systems (read the synopsis below).

daikinKevin Facenelli, EVP, Daikin Applied: Daikin Applied the global Number 1 provider of air conditioning. The Intelligent Equipment solution provides building owners the ability to have 24/7 real-time access to the building information and manage operations in a way that was previously unattainable. Daikin Applied products can automatically inform a support organization before they break down so customer service can move from a reactive to a preventative service model. The Intelligent Equipment solution allows building owners, managers and technicians to have access to the same building information, on the same platform. This capability provides the opportunity for the key members in building management to coordinate their efforts at a higher level.

comfy1Lindsay Baker, VP Research & Marketing, Building Robotics: Comfy is software that enables a better relationship between people and their works paces. Comfy provides instant streams of warm or cool air to people while also using machine learning in the background to reduce energy use. It can be installed quickly, connecting to an existing building’s hardware and software, providing users with a simple web and mobile interface.

Cisco_LogoWilliam MacGowan, Director Smart Connected Real Estate, Cisco Systems Canada: Many consider Cisco as the 4th utility in their buildings and Bill’s 3-30-300 analysis provides valuable insight how technology increases a building’s value. Cisco’s Smart+Connected Communities helps transform physical communities into connected communities that: Realize sustainable economic growth; Enable environmental sustainability through resource management and operational efficiencies; and Enhance quality of life.

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