Welcome to IBcon 2016 from Silicon Valley — DAY 1 at the Smart, Connected, High Performance Intelligent Buildings Conference

Ken Sinclair, Automated Buildings and Therese Sullivan, Building Context joined Rob Allen and ControlTrends at the end of DAY 1 outside the San Jose Convention Center, where the Jim Young, Howard Berger, and Lisa Woods and the Realcomm team successfully launched the start of IBcon 2016. Pre-conference events that brought together some of the top visionary experts from around the globe to discuss the latest trends and technologies — and present the world’s most advanced, next-gen smart building case studies. IBcon break-out sessions included the Information Systems & Smart Buildings CYBERSECURITY Forum; Intelligent Buildings Boot Camp; Smart Building Integrator Summit; Higher Education – Smart Campus Summit; CIO Roundtable; Sustainability Executive Smart Building Symposium; and Commercial Real Estate COO|CFO|CAO Innovation Summit.

Jim Young closed the Smart Building Integrator Summit and DAY 1 by summing the day up very succinctly, “The supply side and the demand side need to come together and talk.” The IBcon 2016 and the Realcomm Conference are indeed, two critical forums that ensure that all important dialogue takes place — under one roof.

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