Episode 372 ControlTalk NOW with Industry Expert Marc Petock: “The Building Management Culture has changed! It’s now all about Risk Mitigation, Safety, Crisis Avoidance and Trust.”

Marc Petock, Lynxspring’s Chief Marketing & Communication Officer joins us on this week’s ControlTalk NOW.  Fresh off their latest release of the JENEsys Edge 414, a fully programmable Niagara 4, IP Controller with on board 14 IO. Lynxspring continues to blaze new trails in the ported Niagara Edge Product Solutions.

“The Building Management culture is now based on risk mitigation, safety, crisis avoidance and trust — and returning occupants need to feel that they are entering a safe environment.”  Marc Petock, Lynxspring’s Chief Marketing & Communications Officer

Great interview —  Listen in!

Lynxspring Announces New JENEsys® Edge™ 414 IP Programmable Niagara Controller

Lynxspring’s new JENEsys Edge 414 is ideal for small to mid-sized facilities, multi-site environments, plant, and equipment control and perfect for applications that require minimal integration with third party products (max 3) and minimal points of control (max 50)

In case you missed it...

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One Response

  1. This would be a great topic with a PE as to how modifications to existing design for multi use structure and new design criteria ie hepa filtration, inferred, oa, acpm will be budgeted into design and retrofit of new and existing
    HVAC systems. Are the owners and managers ready to pay for the added expense of LEED or other specs to combat Covad ?
    Who is ready to put there stamp on such? Who will maintain it for optimal function. An analogy, adding more spikes to a wheel that is already full of spikes.

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