Why You Have to be at the EASY IO World Event!


We truly live and do business in a World Economy. Sometimes, the world comes to you and sometimes, you have to go to the world. Need a good reason and great opportunity to take a break from the daily grind of business as usual in the good old USA and see the world? No, don’t join the Navy, instead make plans to attend EASY IO’s World Event taking place in Madrid, Spain this September 15-17. The event is filling up fast! So, act now or a navy recruiter might be your next best option for a European tour.

Need more reasons? Let’s see, (the mix is incredible): The sights (beautiful women) and sounds (flamingo dancers), and exotic foods of historic Madrid; training on the CTA award-winning FG-32 DDC Controller of the Year, the Beast, the new Mega Beast, and other Easy IO products; Golfing at Los Angeles de San Rafael Club de GOLF and tour of the Santiago Bernabéu Real Madrid football stadium; the one-of-a-kind expert training and the application knowledge of Mad Mike Marston, the Man, the Myth, the Legend; and more tango dancing and “the sights.” Do you need more reasons?

Click here for more details on the Global EasyIO Partner Event. madrid1

Still need another reason? Well, I’m not an accountant, but I’m pretty sure yours would tell you that this is a legit way to go to Europe and write it off on your taxes. I’m just saying…

Click here to reserve your place.

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