Episode 373 ControlTalk NOW Double Feature with TCS Basys’ Mark Miller and Intelligent Buildings’ Cyber Security Experts, Fred Gordy and Michael Magee

An Amazing Double Feature Interview with new Product Knowledge from TCS Basys' Mark Miller -- and a whole lot of Cyber Security Expertise from Fred Gordy and Michael Magee, Intelligent Buildings.

TCS The Genius of Simple -- Learn why Ubiquity Cloud™ is the EMS platform you’ll actually use

Mark Miller, TCS Basys’ Business Development/Sales Engineer brings us up-to-date with what’s new at TCS Basys, who launched the industry’s first networked thermostat in 1993.  The future looks bright at TCS as the UBIQISTAT WIFI product offering gets a 2-step distribution marketing boost. 

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Welcome to the world of building and industrial automation. In a world of intelligent, eco and advanced iSMA and SfAR solutions. We offer products that are equipped with two most popular open communication protocols: BACnet and Modbus which are the perfect solution for projects of all sizes, implemented in both new and existing BMS systems.

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Take a closer look at the IoT Product of the Year!iSMA-B-MAC36NL - Hybrid IoT Controller

Automated Buildings’ Ken Sinclair’s August Editorial: “Building Communities of Trust” "The task of building communities of trust has been an ongoing journey for our industry. Someone just identified our present web site (automatedbuildings.com)as the pioneering online magazine that contains our industry's heritage." Ken Sinclair, Editor, Automated Buildings

Automated Buildings has indeed captured and preserved much of our industry’s heritage, and built one of the most important and valuable  trusts of  information available to the global HVAC and building automation communities at large.  We thank and salute Ken and Jane Sinclair for building and sustaining their towering Community of Trust!  

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