HVAC Tech Tip: How to Control a VAV Box with Pneumatics

Let’s get old school today. Believe it or not there are a lot of pneumatic controls still in the field. How do I know this? Because at Stromquist & Company we still stock and sell a ton of them every year.

In this HVAC Controls Training Video, HVAC Control Pro Tim Chanblee  shows you how to control a VAV box with a Pneumatic Controller…..

Controllers like the KMC CSC 3000 are reset volume controllers that are designed for use on heating or cooling systems with (normally open or normally closed) VAV terminal units and (direct or reverse acting) thermostats. They are sub-master air velocity controllers. Each is equipped with separate adjustment knobs for minimum and maximum airflow setpoints. Models are available with various reset start points. A master controller, typically a room thermostat, resets the CSC-3000 between the minimum and maximum velocity setpoints. The universal design of the CSC-3000 series is intended for new or replacement applications that call for direct or reverse acting reset on normally open or on normally open or normally closed VAV terminal units , which makes them very flexiable. You only need one for your truck and you will be prepared for any vav reset controller replacement.

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