Tennessee’s Lee Company Technicians use Smart Glasses to Receive Remote Support

LEEControlTrends has been anticipating the adoption of smart glasses in our HVAC industry and learned that the Lee Company, a contracting firm servicing Middle Tennessee, has already fully adopted the innovative use of wearable technology, which is revolutionizing the Facilities Services Industry. As Lee Company’s marketing states, “Telepresence is not a thing of the future, it’s the way of today. Information is power. Move forward with Insight.” Lee Company’s innovative technology helps you make informed decisions for your facilities, your customers and your bottom-lLee oneine.

Lee Company has deployed 500 pairs of smart safety glasses into the field – the world’s largest rollout of this innovative, wearable technology. Armed with these amazing glasses, Lee Company service technicians can climb a roof or shimmy into a tight space, and send back high-definition photos, video and audio.

About Lee Company: Lee Company is a place where people thrive. At Lee Company we believe that training, education, mentors, a culture where people are encouraged to grow are the foundation needed for our employees to reach their potential. Visit Lee Company for more information!

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  1. Using this smart glasses by their technicians were you can see and call those people visiting the problem and can guide them in real time. Not like just using a cellphone and doing just call your its hard to explain on the people who work on the field.

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