Ken Sinclair’s Automated Buildings’ November, 2018 Issue: Our Next Two Semesters of Edge-ifcation

In Ken Sinclair’s November edition of, we continue our quest down the Edge Rabbit Hole. We know from last month that “Edge-ification” is the process of moving intelligence and control to the Edge. Ken’s interview with John Petze takes us even deeper into our understanding of “edge-ication” or more correctly, “by computing at the edge,” we are referring to performing essential data acquisition and computation functions as close to the data source as possible. Must read the rest of this!

More Great November Articles!

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DX, Marc Petock, Lynxspring Inc.

Niagara Edge, Therese Sullivan, BuildingContext Ltd

Cheating “Death by 1000 cuts,” Nicolas Waern, Go-IoT

Bridging the Gap, Daniel Scalisi, COO, SmartCSM

Microsoft’s Azure Digital Twins Platform, James McHale, Memoori

Facility IT and the Future Workforce, Anto Budiardjo, Facility IT Evangelist

EDGE-YOU-CATION, Leo SaLemi George Brown College

Unconnected Building Networks is Not Smart, James McHale, Memoori

What is Edge Computing? Parikshit Joshi, Simform

26 BAS Controls Technical Interview Questions, Skip Freeman, BASI Solutions, LLC & Phil Zito, Building Automation Monthly

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