KMC Commander Uses Data and Control to Grow a Nursery

KMC Commander Review

Watch how the control-pros  at KMC Controls use the KMC Commander use data and control strategies to help Matsui Nursery become more profitable and productive. This is a great example of using smart building controls technonlgy in a unique way. Congratualtions KMC!  

Located in California’s Salinas Valley, Matsui Nursery is one of the world’s largest potted orchid growers. For over 50 years Matsui has been growing flowers in their 2.8 million square feet facility. Matsui is now facing the challenge of data collection and precise control in their facilities to protect, grow, and maintain their Nursery. KMC Controls partnered with Alvarez Technology Group to mastermind an IoT solution using KMC Commander for collecting real-time data monitoring the conditions for thousands of orchids and protecting them from mechanical and climactic inconsistencies. KMC Commander provided a scalable and easy-to-use solution.

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