Distech Controls ECLYPSE™ Controllers’ RESTful API Opens Buildings to Web Services

Distech Controls 2017 ControlTrends Awards Most Impactful Marketing Collateral of the Year entry: ECLYPSE™ Controllers’ RESTful API Opens Buildings to Web Services, tells a great story on how to design an intelligent and eco-friendly building, while at the same time improving the occupants’ quality of life and anticipate their needs, and controlling your operating costs and promoting your real estate .

Beyond establishing an open network facilitating building management solutions, and distributing IP throughout the building, the controllers’ RESTful API allows for exchange of data. Utilising data readily available from ECLYPSE IP controllers, RESTful API applications can be custom designed to best serve building owners, facility managers and occupants for improved insights and service delivery. Building Value with ECLYPSE, Connected IP & Wi-Fi HVAC controller series.

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