Ken Sinclair’s Automated Buildings December Theme — The IoT Future of Building Automation. You Ought to Read This!

Ken FeaturedAs if the tale of disruptive technology couldn’t become any more difficult for the HVAC old guard to cope with (or ignore), owner/editor, Ken Sinclair, has placed next-gen petri dishes under his December microscope, and examined outloud, both the potence of the virual strain and its carrier, now poised at the periphery of the host HVAC industry body, and their inevitable impact. Ken may be very close to yelling Eureka and I told you so! Yet, we’ve barely got the gist of the 3/30/300 metric and enhancing the User Experience. By now, everybody has added “UX” to their customer satisfaction surveys, right? But hold on a minute, as Paul Oswald, Managing Director, CBRE|ESI, very appropriately mentions, this is still a horse and cart scenario. If you’re not going to fix the buildings or replace the bad equipment, what’s the point of making bad buildings and bad stuff, smart — and paying to analyze that data? Perhaps, the first focus should remain on the cake, not the IoT icing. Lots of smart information in this December edition of AutomatedBuildings!

Thanks Ken, for such a succinct summary: “Future automation will be a full embrace of IoT. Systems will be smarter, self learning, edgy, innovative, and sophisticated. They will automatically configure and integrate new equipment so they can optimize themselves, self-manage and self-heal while reinventing purposeful, productive, desirable buildings and accommodations.”

Excerpt from Ken’s editorial: “It has been an amazing year of change. I am overwhelmed by the number of balls I have thrown in the air. AutomatedBuildings does not create change but is a catalysis and harbinger of change. It has been a time when the industry has wanted to shoot us as the messenger but is now coming to the realization and confirmation that IoT is for sure the future of Building Automation.” Cllck here for rest of editorial.

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One Response

  1. Thanks Kenneth, great words thanks for sharing your thoughts with industry. There are alot of pieces on the table for sure. We will quickly move to hybird controllers blending the best of old and new with the new low cost IoT ready processors doing the self learning at the edge and providing amazing new IoT connections. But our skills at connections to reality and major equipment will not go unnoticed. Being an old guy, I see just another radical change that actually increases the value of the folks that really understand our industry. There are still quite a few of us old huff and puff pneumatic guys still in the industry today. The DCC revolution did not kill anyone it just made us all much more powerful and even social acceptable. Those that accepted web ways, open protocols, and the edge of IoT exceeded in our industry. Welcome to your new total immersion in IoT life.

    I do understand making some us traditionalist control types socially acceptable in a IoT world is a challenge but please join me as I to the best of my understanding embracing the change apon us.

    The other Ken

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