Ken Sinclair’s January 2015 Edition of Automated Buildings: Auto’s Autodidacticism

automatedbuildings Another great edition of Automated Buildings is now available! The January, 2015 edition introduces AB’s editor Ken Sinclair’s critical evaluation on how self-learning is rapidly becoming such a necessary and essential tool for the HVAC. In 2011, Seth Godin declared that the internet freed us all from the tyranny of being selected. That it was time to select yourself. We are seeing this self-selection tenet in full motion and experiencing the impact that self-selection has already had on many industries — that have lost their once inalienable gate-keeper rights, with the music industry’s barriers falling the hardest and the fastest. Ken Sinclair proposes, on a very serious upbeat, that IoT will benefically accelerate the “Autodidacticism” or self-education within our HVAC industry and how future IoT tools may be the solutions needed to capture and preserve HVAC knowledge and experience for those willing, and driven by necessity, to teach themselves.

Ken says he likes the word “autodidacticism” because, “I love that this word contains these three words Auto…… Did…… and Act. This provides us an easy way to remember this unusual word that is becoming our future.” Anyone who know Ken well enough, knows that Auto is his nickname. Now, that’s some interesting coincidence.

The January, 2015, edition of is a great read, full of industry insight from the likes of Jim Sinopoli, John Petze, Therese Sullivan, and many others — as well as the earnest encouragement to attend the free education sessions planned at AHR Expo 2015 in Chicago. It is a great way to keep up with, and on top of, the growing theme of self-education. Please drop in and join us.

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