EasyIO FG-32 Beast From the East Update: New BACnet IP Client Feature Released

FG32Mike Marston, EasyIO’s VP Worldwide Sales, enthusiastically announced the 2013 ControlTrends Building Automation Controller of the Year, FG-32 is now available with BACnet IP Client! Users will now be able to use a 4GB card for Graphics and Histories, and a 4GB card is plenty! One Graphic is about 200K bytes and a 1 GB will give 10 some million history records.

Mike also announced that these features will be released BEFORE Niagara Summit 2014.
1. BACnet MSTP client
2. BACnet UI in CPT for device and point discovery
3. SQL widgets for Graphing and Presentation
4. WebLineEdit support enum.
5. Graphic Toggle button for boolean property
6. History store in SQLite/SDcard is working and next week http query on the SQLite should be ready where result are shown in CSV.

Note: This can open up new markets for you as now you have a solution which has no fees, no software costs, and an awesome product that competes head on with the Non-Niagara products.

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