Ken Sinclair’s Connection Community Collaboratory at AHR Expo 2017

“Power to the People, Power to the People, Ride on…..”

These lyrics are in a song written by the great John Lennon. If John had known our friend Ken Sinclair or attended his Connection Community Collaboratory, the lyrics would have been more like this:

Power of the People, Power of the People, Ride on” 

Everyday we see technology advancements in the Smart Building’s controls market, better controllers, better software and better analytics. Is there a correlation between how good a technology can be and the people that use it? This is just one of the questions that, the ever insightful, Ken Sinclair, poses to a group of Industry Experts at this year’s Connection Community Collaboratory, entitled “The Power of People, an Industry Discussion.”


ControlTrends captures this Event as Industry thought leaders discuss their views on productivity, occupant engagement, and comfort. If we only consider energy as the justification, then we are missing the bigger issue – the impact on the building environment and ultimately, people.

This Year’s Speakers:

Andy McMillan Strategy Consultant & President BACnet International

John Petze Executive Director Project Haystack Haystack Headlines

Enabling Automated Informatics from the Edge to the Cloud is excited to announce the publication of the second issue of Haystack Connections magazine. Haystack Connections reports the news from the Haystack community around the world and provides updates on the development of tagging models, reference implementations, complimentary applications, and success stories from the community as we work together to make device data easier to use across applications of all types.

Marc Petock Project Haystack, Secretary Lynxspring, Inc.

Paul Oswald Managing Director CBRE ESI Global Workplace Solutions | Global Energy & Sustainability What Does It Mean To Be A System Integrator

Analytics – What Problem Are We Trying To Solve?

Troy Davis Western North America Sales Manager EnOcean Inc. do not have info but we do have this EnOcean, ZigBee, and BLE
Neil Cannon, EnOcean Inc.

Trevor Palmer VP Controls, Applications & User Experience, Acuity Brands Distech Controls Merging the Two Domains

Ken Sinclair, (Moderator) Editor/Owner/Founder

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