Introducing New RIB Product! PSH500A-LVC


PSH500A-LVC* High/Low Voltage Separation
* Five isolated 100 VA Class 2 outputs
* 480/277/240/120 Vac to 24 Vac
* 500 VA transformer
* Perfect for VAV applications
* Also available in PSH200A-LVC and PSH300A-LVC
* Low Voltage wiring made easy with our plugable terminal blocks for easy access.

5 Secondaries: 24 Vac, with LED Indicators
4 Amp breaker for each output
24 Vac ON/OFF: On / Off Switch & Breaker
Input: 480/277/240/120 Vac Finger-Safe Terminals, 8-18 AWG
Output: 5 Ungrounded, Isolated, 100 VA Class 2, 24 Vac Outputs.
Removable Terminals accept16-22 AWG wire.
Ambient Temperature Derating:
4A up to 40˚ C ; 3A up to 50˚ C ; 2A up to 55˚ C
(When All 5 Outputs Operated Simultaneously)

Contact Info:
Phone: 800.888.5538
310 S. Union St.
PO Box 368
Russiaville, IN 46979

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3 Responses

  1. I know many HVAC Techs in the field will be wanting the PSH500A-LVC for there systems.
    So many times I had to think out of the box on how to wire up a system, and now here is what I needed.

    Thank you Ken

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