Ken Sinclair and AutomatedBuildings Release Historic Digital Collaboratory

KS_IinternetControlTrends congratulates Ken Sinclair, who on May 1, 1999, with his first prescient post, “Internet Comes to Building Automation,’ established the automatedbuildings Collaboratory, which is truly, “a center of information without walls.” Ken, together with the ingeniously creative curator, Therese Sullivan, have delivered to the Building Automation and HVAC industries, and the inquisitive world at large, a revitalized and significant presentation of the people, ideas, products, general knowledge, applications, and solutions that have shaped and sustained our industries and our perceptions of modernity for the past 15 years. Therese_Face1

In light of today’s 2014 Niagara Summit, here at the Cosmopolitan in Las Vegas, where the Niagara Community will celebrate Tridium’s achievements and the soon to be released Niagara 4, both the December 1, 2004 post, “Niagara Appliance Program from Tridium and the December 1, 2005 post, “Tridium Announces the JACE-2” represent particularly meaningful milestones.

To quote Ken Sinclair, a consummate professional (and modest without measure), the Collaboratory is a “spaceship made from dinosaur bones.” These Collaboratory dinosaur bones can be viewed in both 2D and 3D! Here is the Collaboratory and 15 years of amazing content.

The museum-like qualities presented and preserved in this body of work are valuable beyond definition and will become an important cornerstone contribution to the ControlTrends Museum. ControlTrends thanks Ken Sinclair for his generous leadership and stewardship as we continue our efforts to make the ControlTrends Museum a reality.

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